What a Party!

It's certainly been a fun December this year.  I've posted some images of the Tigers Christmas Party on the Events page.  However, I would like to thank all those who were involved in giving me the beautiful commemorative plate.  It has pride of place on my mantelpiece at home and I will treasure it.  Thank you!  The champagne will no doubt flow on Christmas Day.

There has been a lot to celebrate and applaud this month.  Well done to Mrs Robson for completing her full instructor qualification.  She is now qualified to run her own club if she wants, though there will be some serious questions asked at home if she does!

As always, we applaud those who have been doing well in class.  In particular to Neve Disley who is our Tiger of the Month for December.  Also to all those who have won the Tiger of the Week Medals.  Here's a medley of pictures of the recent stars! 

Nicole Archer (who is looking to be a future star of the club the way she is working!) and Mia Burndred who is already a star, alongside Little Miss Consistent - Neve Disley!

Wilson Williams, making a fantastic come back after a while away.

George Fry, who is making a great start at Tigers (his sister, Amelia is doing excellently as well!).

The ever consistent Eve Morgan, who Mrs Robson wants to give Tiger of the Week to just about every week!

Alex Bot, who is looking very sharp in class at the moment.  Looking good for grading in January - smile, Alex. :-)

And finally, Rudi Ibbotson, who after a bit of a break proved that he hadn't forgotten his pattern one bit!  Nailed it, Rudi - well done.

Well done also to any who won medals, but for whatever reason, we didn't get your picture on the night.  Keep up the hard work everyone.  Have a great Christmas and we look forward to making 2016 another roaring year at Tigers!

Woodford Halse Christmas Fayre Display 28 Nov 2015

Meet at 1330 for a 1345 display in the Woodford Halse Social Club: 29 Hinton Road, Woodford Halse, NN11 3TR.  Thanks.

November 20th

It's been all go at Tigers this month.  More new members, newly qualified Junior Assistant Instructors, some really fun classes and some great performances.  Well done to the 17 Tigers who found their way to our temporary meeting place in Parker EACT Academy on Wednesday.  The echo in the hall doesn't make for easy listening, but it's a good space to work in while the Leisure Centre is out of action.

Particular congratulations this month go to our Tigers of the Month, Mia Burndred and Kobi Covill - both worthy winners, showing huge improvement and strong grading performances last month.

Also to our recent Tigers and Tiger Cubs of the Week: Eden Wigley, Benjamin Newlands, Eve Morgan, Charlie George, Theo Roby, Kieran Chard,  Alexander Cartwright and Billy Sharp.  Well done to all of you.  Keep up the hard work.

Volunteers are still needed to take part in the display at the Woodford Halse Christmas Fayre on Saturday 28th November.  Please let me know if you can come along.  I'd love to see you there, no matter what standard or belt level you are.  We are displaying from 1345 to 1400 on the stage in the Village Hall.

November 5th

Another fantastic week for Daventry Tigers!  Firstly, congratulations to Kes Bryce, Sam Green and Mabelle Gwilliam for qualifying as Junior Assistant Instructors last night.  Mr Line was clearly impressed with how you did on your assessment - brilliant to have you all as a part of our team of Young Leaders.  It would be hard to run the club effectively these days without you. 

Don't relax just because you have your black jackets, though.  Your learning has really just begun.  You will never learn all there is to know about teaching.  I have learned a lot just through watching you tackle the exercises I've set you.  Everyone has a slightly different angle on how to teach, so be ready to learn from one another and from the adult instructors around you.  Who knows - maybe one day I'll be handing over the Club to one of you!

Congratulations also go to Mia Burndred for becoming our Wednesday Tiger of the Month.  You had an outstanding month in October, Mia, topped off with one of the very best yellow belt gradings I've seen since we opened the Club.  You were surrounded by A grade students, but you made them all look very ordinary by comparison.  Great stuff!

And a great big well done also to our Tigers of the Week this week - Corey Disley who was nominated
by Sam Green for listening well and trying hard during his assessment, and to Nicole Archer for concentrating really well in class despite lots going on around her.  Brilliant, guys!  Keep up the hard work.

Please remember to let me know by the end of this week if you wish to take part in the British Champs on 29th November, and if you can come along to the Woodford Halse Christmas Fayre on 28th November.

Also, if you've not had a letter about the change of venue for the Tigers Classes from 18th November to 30th November, please make sure you grab one from me ASAP. 

Finalised arrangements for the Tigers Christmas Party and Annual Awards on 4th December will be coming soon!  That's going to be a really exciting evening.  Stay safe this week with all the fireworks and I look forward to seeing the Friday Tigers tomorrow.

Daventry District Sports Awards 2015

The Daventry District Sports Awards are always a fun event, and Daventry Tigers were well represented this year by Mabelle Gwilliam in the Young Sportswoman of the Year category and Abigail Faulkner in the Young Leader of the Year category. 

The Young Sportswoman of the Year is always strongly contested and this year was no different.  Mabelle was up against a young girl athlete ranked No.1 in the UK in four different athletics disciplines and a World Champion Kickboxer!  It was perhaps no surprise that she did not win her category, but she did well to make the shortlist of three.

I am delighted to tell you, however, that Abigail Faulkner was judged as the Winner of the Young Leader of the Year Award and can be seen here receiving her trophy and certificate from England Rugby player, Harry Ellis. 

Abigail was then interviewed for BBC Radio Northampton.

To my great surprise, I won the Award for Coach of the Year!  Master White had kept my nomination very quiet.  I understand there was quite the conspiracy to keep it a secret.  It was a wonderful surprise to even be nominated, and I consider it an honour to have won.  It was another super evening for Daventry Tigers.

And we won the tin of celebrations in the raffle!  What could be better?

22 October 2015

Congratulations to Mae Burndred for being selected by Grand Master Oliver as "Best in Grading" last night.  That practice with your sister paid off, you see!  I look forward to handing out the belts and certificates next time I see you all. 

I don't normally write here about events that have happened in Master White's Classes, but I would like to post a formal message of congratulations to Mrs Emma Read on achieving her black belt this week.  Emma's story is one that has inspired many in Master White's classes and she is held in the highest regard by all of his club members for her tenacity, attitude to training and her determination to succeed.  

The reason I particularly wanted to post this is that much of what we teach at Tigers is based on the five tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit.  Mrs Read embodies many of these tenets to us in Master White's classes and is a great role model for many of us.  I think she will not mind me posting that she was not a naturally gifted student, initially lacking in coordination, fitness and flexibility.  However, Emma has never allowed this to dampen her desire to achieve.  Initially she set the goal of making it to blue belt, which she felt was an achievable target.  Once wearing blue, though, she raised the bar and pressed on towards black. 

While she was still a yellow belt I promised Emma that if she ever went for her black belt, I would go to Bristol in support and watch her grade, a promise I kept last year.  Unfortunately, she was not successful on her first attempt, despite a gutsy performance.  Both Master White and I were convinced she had done enough to pass, but to her (and our) disappointment the Masters did not agree. 

It would have been easy for Emma to become discouraged and give up at this point, but instead she bounced straight back and started training harder than ever.  Five nights a week for months before this second attempt, Emma was somewhere training, often doing back-to-back classes.  Finally all her efforts have paid off and she was awarded her black belt last night.  Daventry Tigers bought Mrs Reid her black belt dobok as a congratulatory gift in recognition of her inspirational story.  We hope very much that she will visit us in Tigers and become another great role model for the youngsters sometime soon... though we will let her have a bit of time to get used to the idea that she's finally achieved her dream first!

20 October 2015

What a great couple of weeks!  And there's more to come!  Grading tomorrow with Grand Master Oliver and the Daventry District Sports Awards the day after... watch this space! 

I think Sunday's joint Tournament between Jackson White TKD and Daventry Tigers has been voted a wonderful success! 

I've just been looking through the results and enjoying the photos (I was too busy and stressed on the day to see much of the action!) and it looks very much like everyone had a super time. I can now say that although I don't yet have the final tally (there are a few IOUs to sort out) we raised over £400 for Casa Reom on the day.  Many, many thanks for your generosity!  If you have time, do follow this link and find out more about the great cause you have helped to support.

Triple gold for Mabelle - I must admit that while many might have predicted this, I really thought someone might steal one of the three disciplines from her.  Bethan made valiant attempts in both the sparring and destruction, and Ava posted a fantastic patterns score, but Mabelle was a girl with a mission!

Also a brilliant double gold for Joshua Bull in two busy divisions of sparring and patterns - could he be our next young emerging star?  It looks a distinct possibility.  Im not sure which Tiger scares me the most in this picture!

Many congratulations to all who won medals.  To those who didn't - there's always next time!

Thanks again to our generous sponsors for the day: Nationwide Cleaning Machines Ltd for supplying all the impressive medals.  I'm sure the winners are going to treasure them for many years to come.  If there are any of you who can take business their way in recognition of their generous support of our event, please do contact them through their website.

For the complete results, please look at The Hall of Fame page.

Recent Tigers of the Week have included an impressive Liam Jinks, who is looking ready for a very solid grading tomorrow.  Benjamin Newlands, who has suddenly sprung into form, having obviously put in a lot of practise at home, Lola Rose Olive, who also put in a massively improved performance last week, and Rudi Ibbotson, who looks a natural at sparring - why didn't you enter on Sunday, Rudi?

Looking forwards to more news and promotions later in the week!  Keep practicing, everyone and don't neglect your theory!

5 October 2015

Congratulations Mabelle Gwilliam on becoming the first Daventry Tigers Legend!  I must admit that when I devised the award system for exam results, I didn't expect our very first Tiger to reach black tag to empty my wallet by taking every award offered, but I have a feeling Mabelle is going to prove the exception, rather than the rule.  To get all the way from white belt to black tag without ever scoring less than an A Grade in her gradings is a superb achievement.

Mabelle is not the only one to do well recently, though.  Since the return from the Summer Holidays there have been lots of impressive performances in class.  I've not been taking pictures so far this term - will start doing so again shortly - but Jake Wadey was keen to show off his medal and sent me this photo. :-)

Well done to both Szymon and Julke, who have both been doing well.  Alexander Cartwright, William Taylor (Tiger of the Month from the Advanced Class), James Willis, Sam Morgan (Friday Tiger of the Month) and a host of others have all stood out in class. 

25 August 2015

Would you believe it?  Mrs Robson and I have travelled 5000 miles to one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world and still we can't escape the Tigers!  Standing in the queue to enter Disney World's Blizzard Beach water park, suddenly a little voice pipes up... 'Hello, Mr Robson.'

I'm not sure what the odds are of bumping into Ava Kempson and her family, but it was lovely to see some familiar faces.  I hope everyone else is having as good a Summer Holiday as we are.

15 July 2015

Well done to all those who took part in the Midlands Championships.  I was impressed by all those I saw competing from Daventry Tigers.  I know I didn't see everyone, as I was rather tied to a square, but I think everyone who took part can take positive things from the experience. 

Particular congratulations should go to Charlie Wilson for making it through to the final round of the yellow belt patterns competition - an impressive achievement on his first attempt, and to William O'Toole for doing well in both patterns and sparring - and for bringing back a bronze medal from the tag team sparring event.

Congratulations also go to the group who went and graded in Coventry - the white belts became the first group from Daventry Tigers to manage a clean sweep of A and A* grades, and Jake Pullen was particularly brave doing his yellow tag grading on his own in front of a large crowd of strangers.  I was particularly pleased to see him so focused - well done, Jake!

More great performances in class generally, with Iris Banner taking Tiger of the Month for Wednesdays and Eve Morgan and Max Atkins for Fridays.  All have been consistently working at 110% every session.  Great efforts too from James Willis, James Jackson, Finlay Bryce, Alexander Cartwright, Callum Bennett, Neve Disley, Liam Jinks and more that I've probably forgotten, which is very bad of me!

1 July 2015


I've decided to open a new Tigers Class in September for Advanced Students only - green tags and above.  This will allow me to teach the more advanced techniques consistently to those students who have progressed through the early belts, as we struggle to do this in class at the moment.  I am only going to do this on Fridays 6pm to 7pm, but would encourage all students of Green tag and above to make every effort to attend.  The first class will be on Friday 4th September.  Students may attend regular Tigers classes as well, if they wish, however, these classes will remain focused on basic techniques.

Well, June went by in a flash!  It was a busy month for me, with lots of great stuff happening: The Cummins Summer Fete, preparation for the Midlands Champs and for another Grading in Coventry.  Well done to everyone who has won medals this month.  It's beginning to get really hot now, so it's great to see that you're all still trying really hard.

Some of our Tigers of the Week this month:

Natan Swiderski - progressing really well at the moment.  Keep the focus, Natan.  We're all impressed when you give us 100%.

Mia Burndred is doing amazingly well.  A super A grade at her first grading, and so good in class that it would be easy to give her the medal most weeks.  Keep it up, Mia.  Your hard work is really paying off.

Charlie Wilson is just getting better and better!  Really starting to look good now, Charlie.  And better than this (in my eyes) is the fact that every instructor who teaches you comments on how focused you are.  Great stuff.  Well done.
Callum Bennett is another consistently high level performer.  Nice to see you picked for the medal again, Callum.  Well done.  Don't worry.  We'll be using that sparring gear of yours a lot more after the holidays!

24 May 2015

What a month!  Lots of great performances, both in class and at the grading last week.  More milestones reached, more future stars emerging.  It's an exciting time to be a part of Daventry Tigers!

Many congrats to all of our Tigers of the Week and Tigers of the Month - you've all been making great progress.  In particular, Julke Wojnarowicz, who has not only won Tiger of the Week recently, but also won the Best in Grading Award given by Grand Master Oliver.  You absolutely smashed that grading, Julke!  Fantastic!

Another HUGE well done, to Bethan Smith, who becomes the first of our Tigers to wear a red belt, and she did so in style with her 3rd A* grading performance in a row, taking her total at A grade and above to 6 in a row.  One more for another trophy - great effort, Bethan!

Well done too, to Mabelle, Kes and Megan, who went to Southam to grade with others from Master White's class.  I took the class at Southam following that grading and there were lots of mutterings about the 'little kids from Daventry who came and showed us up'!  Watching them grade and hearing all the great things said about them by both instructors from other Clubs and by other students, made me most proud to have been a part of their tae kwon-do journey.  They're not so 'little' any more, but I guess to the Southam students they are.  Well done, guys.  I look forwards to seeing you in your new belts soon. 

Tigers of the Week/Month in no particular order ... and apologies if I miss anyone out.  We do try to keep a photographic record, but we don't always catch everyone. 

Jake Pullen with one week wonder, Holly, who was superb, but who sadly decided not to continue with us. 
Corey Disley is making great strides in his progress.  We'll have you grading soon as well, Corey.  Keep up the hard work, you're doing really well.

Then there's Luca Smalls who has been going great guns recently.  Another strong grading performance from him, too.  Now up to green tag and looking like he really deserves that new belt.  Well done, Luca.

William O'Toole has been working really hard recently as well.  Another solid grading from him, too.  I'm looking forward to seeing you compete at the Midlands, William.  I'm sure you're going to do really well there.

Great to see Nathan Heath, Szymon Wojnarowicz and recently returned Aidan Jinks all doing well this month.  Szymon is a worthy Tiger of the Month, putting in a super performance on his yellow belt grading.  It's tough to look good when your older sister is blasting out punches and blocks next to you, Szymon, but I was more than pleased with your grading performance - well done!

Erin King continues to fire on all cylinders!  I love how you always give one hundred and ten percent in every session, Erin.  I can't ask any more of you in class.  You are a pleasure to work with.  Unfortunate timing on the school trip that stopped you grading, but we'll find you another shortly.

Siobhan Lavery also continues to impress and put in a super performance on her grading, too.  Well done, Siobhan.  Keep the hard work.  You're going to do very well as a yellow belt, I'm sure.

Last, but by no means least, we have Leo Gwilliam and newcomer, Sam Morgan.  Leo has been on fire recently and is starting to perform much like his older sister, Mabelle.  A second A grade in a row at his grading should make him happy - one more to pick up a trophy and start a collection to try to catch up with Mabelle!

21 April 2015

The first thing I want to remind everyone is that the grading is coming up soon, so lots of work is required to make sure we're all ready for Grand Master Oliver on 20th May.  It's time to start brushing up on your theory and ensuring that you are polishing up your patterns.

Lily Rose continues her run of good progress and should be good to grade this time round.  I'm looking forwards to seeing several of the very little ones grade this time and I feel confident they will all represent the club very well.

Tristen Sandhu and Leo Gwilliam should also do well, both following in the footsteps of older siblings.  That haircut is truly brutal, Leo!  If you turn up looking like that, you'll get an A grade for sure!!  Faith Marie Dicks is always consistent and is showing no let up in her dedication - well done, Faith.

But it's a few of the newcomers who will be the ones to watch out for this time round at the grading, I feel.  Rosie Greenacre undoubtedly has the hardest punch I've seen from a girl Tiger so far!  She's looking really sharp ... as is Jake Wadey, who will be another star of the grading for sure!  Both are featuring in regularly in the weekly medal awards.

For a relatively little lad, here's another who packs a mean punch.  I imagine, Joshua Bull is going to be another who impresses at the grading.  Picked as our latest Tiger of the Month, he is on fire at the moment - go Joshua!  You're hard work is really paying off.

  Not a very flattering picture of you, Julke - sorry!  I blame Mrs Robson for that one ... and I'll no doubt be putting my sparring gear on later to defend myself when she reads this!  Again, you're doing brilliantly in class.  Bring your best performance to the exam and another excellent grading score awaits you, I'm sure!
I think Kobi is making an early bid for most enthusiastic Tiger of the Year this year!  He's certainly working hard in every class and improving all the time.  You'll make a fine green belt Kobi.  Keep up the work rate and you'll be hard for the examiner to miss.

At Tiger Cubs we have more future stars lurking.  I don't take photos at Cubs - too maxed out most of the time!  However, the Burndred children - Mia, Mae and Louis are all looking good for the grading and Lola Rose Olive should be a little superstar!  Nathan Heath is making ground fast and although he probably won't grade this time round, new beginner, Finlay Bryce has made a good start too.  Harry Crask is taking great strides forward and Jake Pullen (when he stops talking!) is doing well.

Work continues with our new batch of young leaders who are working towards their Assistant Instructor jackets.  Mabelle Gwilliam, Kes Bryce and Sam Green are all making good progress in their Leadership sessions.  You will see them start to teach one on one with some of the more able students shortly.

A last couple of items - The Midlands Championships will take place in Kettering on 14th June, which is about as local as it gets for a regional tournament.  Anyone interested in competing, please let me know.  Also, I was planning to have a Daventry Club tournament in June, but I'm going to postpone this until the Autumn, as I believe I'm going to be asking for volunteers to come along and perform at the Cummins Summer Fete - date to follow.

11 March 2015

Please note that Tiger Cubs will meet with the main Tigers group at 5pm on 20th and 27th March as Mark is away in Thailand.  The Club will be run by Mrs Sarah Robson in his absence.

Well done to the Tigers over the past few weeks.  Some of you have progressed really well, gaining tags on your belts as we move forward towards a grading in May.  It will creep up on us quickly, so we need to make sure we practice hard over the coming weeks.  

Particularly well done to those who have won Tiger of the Week medals recently, and to our new Tigers of the Month.  Here are a selection of pictures of the students who have been starring over the past few weeks.

What's that loose hand doing off your hip, Luca?!

19 February 2015

Another great couple of weeks at Tigers.  Welcome to all our new beginners.  I think we've seen around a dozen new faces come along to try the classes in the past few weeks, which has been lovely.  A couple have also put in star performances and won our Tiger of the Week medal on just their second or third week with us!  Congratulations to all those who have won Tiger of the Week medals. 

Sadly I don't have pictures of all of you to put up here, but we do have a happy Lola Olive, pictured above - one of our new star Cubs.  There's also a scarily focused Jack O'Toole, who looks a little like he's holding the one ring of Sauron!

Leo Gwilliam is clearly delighted to be our Tiger of the Month, but he continues to put in consistently good performance and is looking like he's in the running to become the first Tiger ever to retain the purple belt of power!

Lily Rose French has taken big steps forwards over the past few weeks, too.  Looking good there, Lily Rose!  Keep trying hard and you might find you beat Leo to the trophy.  Tristan Sandhu is producing some good performances as well, having won the medal the other week and showing us some very good technical blocks.  Well done, Tristan.

Well done also to Benjamin Newlands for working hard and showing good improvement.  We're particularly keen to award effort and good behaviour in class.  Nice to see you doing well on both counts, Benjamin.

And the final picture is of one of our very newest Tigers, who is looking like she might prove to be another rising star.  Rosie Greenacre is a name I expect will be cropping up here a lot over coming weeks.  Fantastic to see you winning a medal so quickly, Rosie.  Well done.  Congratulations also to Luke Bennet and Claud Kitchner for winning the medals last night.  Sorry I forgot to take your photos this time.  You'll just have to win them again! 

More information soon, but I'm currently negotiating with Master White to hold another Daventry Tigers Tournament like the one we had about 18 months ago.  This time, however, we may extend it to include those children who have moved on from Tigers into Master White's class.  There may also be a few Tigers from Jackson White Junior's Tiger Club in Coventry who come along to take part and possibly even some children from Towcester.  We will see.  I have a lot of work to do yet to finalise the details, but I'm anticipating holding it on a Saturday in June.  There will be competitions for everyone from beginners all the way up through the belts, so it's one to look forwards to. 

4 February 2015

Yay!  I've finally got my camera talking to my computer again!  Here's a round up of news from the past couple of months.  Fantastic visit from Cassie Oury last month.  Everyone who came to her lesson had a ball and I'm now busy cutting up belts to make swords!  I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out!

Some of the children at the end of the lesson had their photo taken with Cassie, but I can see from the other photos that there were a lot more of you there than are in the group shot.

Congratulations to our four Ambassadors who went and graded at Southam the other week: Amaneet Shoker, Luca Smalls, Siobhan Lavery and Jake Pullen.  You all did really well on your grading and I was very proud to be able to say you were my students.

Well done to all those who won end of year awards at the Tigers Christmas Party.  You were all deserving winners.  Others who didn't win trophies this time round keep working hard and your time will come.

Congratulations also to all those who have won Tiger of the Week and Tiger of the Month recently.  I have a smattering of photos here, but this is far from all of you.  We have also welcomed quite a few new beginners into Tiger Cubs recently and also moved some students up into Master White's classes.  It's all change, but in a good way.  I'm looking forward to another fantastic year of progress for our club.  Keep your eye on the local paper as you might just see your faces in it shortly!

20 November 2014

A huge thank you to Mr Bill Line for giving up his time to come and assess our 3 young Assistant Instructors last week.  It appears he was suitably impressed with the girls' teaching skills and was happy to award them with their jackets and certificates.  It's hard to express how proud I am of Megan, Abigail and Ava - they have worked really hard for this, and I am looking forward to helping them continue on their road to becoming accomplished teachers.  Younger and junior students please take note that I expect you to extend them the respect and courtesy they deserve.  If they are teaching you, I want to see you concentrating and listening carefully to what they have to teach you.  All three of the girls are A grade students themselves and have lots of good information to share with you.

OK, girls, I apologise for the jackets being quite so big!  I wanted them to last, so I'm afraid you're definitely going to have to roll the sleeves up!!

Well done also to our trophy winners from the grading: Mabelle Gwilliam and Bethan Smith.  Mabelle takes her unbroken run of A*s to 7 in a row and Bethan takes her run to 5.  That's fantastic stuff girls!  Kes Bryce and Julke Wojnarowicz also deserve a mention for getting their first A* grades.  They now join our elite A* Tiger group on the hall of fame.

The destruction challenge is also underway.  Congrats to all those who have already broken boards and earned medals.  Everyone will get a chance to break before the Christmas Party, where the medals will be awarded.

Congrats also to Szymon for a great performance, winning Tiger of the Week last week, and to Leo Gwilliam for impressing Master White sufficiently to win the medal this week.  Mr Kent will be with us on Friday, so be prepared for a super fun session then!  Do take a look at the Events page for news on other upcoming events.  There's lots happening in the next couple of months. 

10 November 2014

What a super grading last Friday!  Well done to all who took their exams - I was proud to be your instructor, as you all looked super.  As always there were some who shone brighter than others, but I was most pleased to see you all trying hard and showing respect to our distinguished examiner.  You were all super ambassadors for the Club.  Well done. 

Particular congratulations to William Taylor for winning the Best in Grading Award for a simply stunning performance and to all those who achieved top marks.  This grading saw the highest percentage of A* grades that we've ever had - great testimony to the work you all put in.  Not everyone can get top marks, though, so please don't feel too disappointed if you didn't gain A or A* grades.  The standard was very high, so it's not easy to shine when everyone is so good.  Remember that you don't have your grade printed on your belt - all those who are to be promoted on Wednesday are more than ready to move up to the next level.

Thanks also to our three young Assistant Instructors in training and we wish you all well for your assessment on Wednesday.  What's that face for, Abigail?  You all carried out your duties admirably.

5 November 2014

Now available to buy - the TAGB Tiger onesie!  Not to be worn in class, I should add!  These cute sleep suits are available through me for £16 (children's sizes) and, due to popular demand apparently, will be available soon in adult sizes for £19!  At the moment, the smallest size I can get is age 7-8, but I understand the company are trying to source smaller sizes.

The suits do not have built in feet, but they do have a detachable (velcro) tail!

On to business and other news.  It's been all go for the past few weeks and I can genuinely say that I've been very pleased to see the marked improvement in standard as we approach this week's grading.  All those who are due to grade look ready and I'm confident that all of the Tigers will impress with their skills.  

It has given me particular pleasure to give Harry Chittendon the Tiger of the Month for November - he has improved dramatically over the past few weeks and finally gets the belt and trophy he has worked so hard for.  Congrats, Harry!

Julke Wojnarowicz takes the other Tiger of the Month Trophy for another fantastic run of performances.  I'm looking forward very much to watching both her and Szymon, her little brother, grade this time round.  They are both looking ace!

Other recent starring performances have come from Faith-Marie Dicks, who is also looks set for a solid grading performance and two of our newer tigers, James Jackson and Nathan Heath, who both did brilliantly in class.

This Friday, 7th November, we welcome back Grand Master Oliver to conduct the grading and next week on Wednesday, Mr Bill Line from Southam Tae Kwon-do Club will be coming to assess Megan, Abigail and Ava for their Daventry Tigers Assistant Instructor jackets, so best behaviour please for our visitors.  Let's show them both just how good you guys and girls really are.  The following week will be the breaking board challenge, with gold, silver and bronze medals available to win... and before you know it we'll be having fun at the Tigers Christmas party.  To anyone who has won Tiger of the Week recently, who I've not mentioned - well done and apologies for missing you out of this message.  Let me know if I have and I'll add you into next week's.

17 October 2014

My word!  Has it really been that long since I last posted any news?  My apologies, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with this.  A month away in foreign climes didn't help, but even so...

As we've seen in previous years a few Tigers left us during the Summer and have taken up new interests - we wish them all the best with whatever they do and hope they will remember the lessons they learned with us. 

Equally, with a new term starting, we've also had an influx of new beginners who are already beginning to show signs of the good things to come.  The following collection of pictures are of just some of the children who have given star performances over the past couple of months.  Well done to all those who have won medals and worn the purple belt during this period.  I'm determined to try harder to post more regularly this time.
Please check the NEED TO KNOW page for details of the Grading and the Events page for the Christmas Party information.  Thanks.

20th July

This is going to be a bit of a bumper edition of news, as I've been very lax about getting this page up to date - sorry.

Once again we've been blessed with a fantastic time at Tigers.  First the return visit by Nicky Line, which was brilliant!  Great to see a different style of teaching and to have a four times World Champion come and see what you can all do.

It seems Nicky was particularly impressed with Callum's kicks, with good reason - they were excellent!  Great to see you continuing to star, Callum.

Although Ava is no longer technically a Tiger, as she's now in Master White's class, I had to award her the medal for her amazing progress at instructing.  The 3 girls who are now engaged in the Assistant Instructor programme are all doing really well, but it was good to see Ava finding her 'shouty' voice!

Kobi has been particularly good recently as well - great stances, lots of effort and some super kicks.  Well done, Kobi.  I'm glad I took this photo before you had your golden curls chopped off.  Not sure I'm going to recognise you any more!

"Erin of the missing teeth" has continued to shine as well!  Great to see you being mentioned so often for effort, Erin.  Now a bit more practise on your patterns and you'll do really well on your next grading!  Keep up the good work.

I don't get to say it often enough, but "WELL DONE HARLEY!" for winning Tiger of the Week and for consistently better behavior in many of the recent classes.  I'm really beginning to think you're turning a corner.  Don't let me down now.  I want to see you wearing the Tiger of the Month belt soon!

Massive improvement as well by Alex Daniel, who has won Tiger of the Week and is our current Tiger of the Month.  Brilliant improvement in your patterns, Alex.  Keep practising - it's really paying off and I'm very proud of you for the obvious work you've been putting in.

On the back of being our Tiger of the Month for June, Faith-Marie picked up Tiger of the Week again!  She's really flying at the moment.  And great to see Aidan pick up the Tiger of the Month trophy for July.  It's always nice to see someone win it for the first time.  Well done to all the Tigers.  Some didn't have their photos taken for Tiger of the Week, but I've been impressed with everyone over recent weeks.  Tigers is going to change significantly now that so many of you have sparring gear.  Lessons are going to feature a lot more practical sparring and padwork so we can make the most of the equipment.  :-)

4th June

Goodness!  What happened to May?Must have blinked and missed that month!  Still, I can tell you a bit about what happened in May.  Some great performances from the Tigers again - especially: Alex Jackson and Alex Daniel - an Alex double!  I think that's a first.  Well done to both of you.  Very well deserved awards.

William O'Toole, who is now flying the flag for Flore now that Inaci has moved up to Doncaster, put in another determined performance.  He's continuing to improve in leaps and bounds and is really looking to be one of our star boy students.  He's always been good, but he's looking really good now!

Natalie tries her heart out in every session.  It's lovely to see that broad grin on her face after another super performance.  Well done Natalie.  We are all very impressed with how you are doing.  Keep practising and we'll be seeing more A grades from you in the future.

Getting Mabelle to smile for a photo is a bit like trying to fly to the moon in a cardboard box!  She continues to be brilliant in class every week... if the medal was given out purely for ability and technique she would be wearing it most of the time, but she particularly earned it for a fantastic display of precision and power on this occasion.

It was so good to be able to give a medal to Alexander in Cubs, as he concentrated really well and tried hard throughout this session.  It's clear that he loves coming to cubs, but I'd like to see that level of focus and listening every week from you, Alexander - then you'd start to get really good!

And a double medal award for the first time in ages went to both Eve and Natalie for being both brave and determined during a sparring class.  Eve improved in confidence and ability at an extraordinary rate and Natalie was extremely brave in getting straight back in for another bout after taking a kick that clearly knocked her confidence.  I was really pleased with both of you - well done.

Lots more exciting stuff to look forwards to: Nicky Line visiting next week will be really special and the Long Buckby Fete and the Midlands Champs on the following weekend.  June is set to be a lot of fun!

28th April

It has been another fun month in Tigers and Tiger Cubs.  The grading was very successful.  Well done to all those who graded - you all did brilliantly.  Particular congratulations go to Inaci and Joshua for getting their Triple A Tiger trophies, Mabelle Gwilliam for making it 6 A*'s in a row, and to Bethan Smith for winning the Best in Grading Award.

It has also been super to see so many Tigers working hard since the grading.  It has been particularly hard to pick winners for the Tiger of the Week medals this month, so those who have been chosen have done well to stand out enough to get selected as winners.  Well done then to Sam Green, and to Callum Bennett for becoming Tiger of the Month for Wednesdays.

Well done also to Luke Bennett for getting Tiger of the Week.  He's progressed really well recently and it's great to see him working so hard.

Well done also to Tiborko for a great effort in class.  If I could just get you to tighten up your moves a little bit, you'd be brilliant, Tiborko!  

Then there's Eve Worthington - what can I say about Eve?  She works hard every week and it's super to see her concentrating so well all the time.  I wish all the children had her tenacity... and her ability to make superb cakes!  I think you're trying to fatten me up, Eve!  It's no use you hiding behind the dodgeballs - I know what you're doing. :-)

Charlie Wilson is another who tries hard every week.  Well done on getting your yellow tag, and for being selected as Tiger of the Week, Charlie.  Keep up the hard work.

And finally, a very smiley Harry Chittendon!  And well you should smile, young man!  You worked really hard to win the medal this week - it's been a while, but you really earned it with a great effort.  Let's see you wearing that medal a bit more frequently, Harry.  

Unfortunately at the moment, my TAGB Club Management software is not working, so I am going to have to rely on parents to let me know if their child's licence is running out of date.  I hope that I will be able to get this working again shortly, as not having this programme available is messing up all my paperwork.  Please bear with me until I can get it sorted out.

THERE WILL BE NO TIGERS CLASSES ON 16th & 18th APRIL - Back to normal next week.

2nd April

Another month has whizzed by and again I have to play catch-up with news.  This time I have a good excuse - work very much got in the way.  This is the busiest time of the year for children's authors, so please bear with me.  I'm slowly catching up now. 

What a month March was!  Lots of great effort from everyone and a mass of you putting in super performances in competition and tonight at the grading.  Here's some of the highlights:

Five Tigers: Inaci Atkinson, William O'Toole, Robbie Whitworth, Mabelle Gwilliam and Bethan Smith along with Lewis Edwards and Megan Free (who are technically not ours any more, but they'll always be Tigers to me!) traveled to Worcester for the TAGB English Championships. 

I thought everyone competed well, but the standard was very high and the patterns competitions were all won by children much older than Tigers age.  However, Daventry Tigers did enjoy one success - Mabelle Gwilliam won bronze in the green belt sparring - fantastic effort, Mabelle.  Well done!

No doubt the boys will keep their guards up a bit more next time... and hopefully we'll see them bringing back trophies soon as well.

There have been a run of great performances by the Tigers and the Cubs and here's a little montage of some of our Tigers of the Week and Tigers of the Month for March.

Feb 25th

My camera has surfaced at last, so I can finally put up some photos of some of our recent star Tigers.  Here's a bit of a montage:  
Maisy and Kobi have both been stars in Cubs recently.  Maisy is just getting better and better, and Kobi is going to be ready to grade again soon.

Kes has been on fire recently.  Tiger of the Week, Tiger of the Month, an A Grade at his green belt grading and instant promotion to black belt! (Not really, but we couldn't lay our hands on the purple belt of power and this was the next best thing we could find!)  The black suits you, Kes - keep working at it and you'll get one for real!

There's Luca, who has been good from the start, but who is making an excellent choice for Tiger of the Month.  Keep up the hard work, Luca.  I want to see a good result from you at the grading just before Easter.

Running Tiger Cubs has been a revelation to me.  All the children are super and keen in their own way.  Focus can be a problem with the little ones sometimes, but they are all learning and having fun, which is the main purpose of the class at this point.

And then there's Eve!  Who has really started to come out of her shell now.  Tiger of the Week twice recently!  Lots of talent and a great personality - we'd like a few more like Eve in Tigers, please! :-)

And below we have Wilson, Aidan, William, Iris, Leo, and Jessica (the right way up this time!) who have all been progressing in leaps and bounds recently.  Well done to all of you.

Feb 6th

This is becoming a bit like a monthly news page, rather than a weekly one - sorry!  I'm just struggling to fit everything in.  Another fantastic month for the Tigers.  Congratulations to the group who went and graded at Southam College.  Everyone who went from Daventry did spectacularly well and all of the instructors (and the examiner) commented on how good you all looked.  Brilliant stuff.  Again, the Tigers got more than their share of A*s and A's, but for those of you who didn't quite get the top grades - believe me when I say that you all did really well.  It's tough to shine when everyone is so good.

Particular congratulations go to Megan Free, Mabelle Gwilliam and Bethan Smith (aka Daventry's 3 amigos!) for reaching milestone achievements.  Megan and Mabelle for achieving 5 gradings in a row at A grade and above (Mabelle all at A* and above!) and for Bethan getting her Triple A Tiger trophy.  A* medals also went to Mabelle, Inaci and Kaitlyn Scott - our first A* Tiger Cub.  Brilliant stuff!  That was my most expensive grading ever!!!

Congrats also to our incoming Tigers of the Month: Mabelle (again!) for Wednesdays and Kes Bryce for Fridays, and our Tiger Cub of the month, Luca Smalls.  Recent Tigers of the Week include: Leo Gwilliam, Natalie Brain, Harrison Mailey, William O'Toole, Charlie Wilson, Bethan Smith.  I'll add some more pictures shortly, but for some reason I can't rotate pictures in Windows 8 and will have to try to do so on my old computer when I get the chance.

January 10th
I swear I'm getting worse at keeping this up to date - sorry.  Please see the events page for news of upcoming events.  Grading information is on the lessons page (possible theory questions etc.) Please make use of this and learn your theory, Tigers.
I'm glad to see that many of you had a great Christmas.  It was super to see some of you coming along to Tigers during the holidays and burning off some of the rich food.  Now it's time for settling back down to some hard work (and serious fun!) in 2014.  Some of you will be grading in a couple of weeks, so make sure you practise every day.  The grading will be on 23rd January at 7pm.  If you are grading, be sure to be there at least 15 minutes early to warm up and get used to the hall.
Recent stars at cubs have been have been William and Luca - William having been a consistently good performer over the past month and Luca always tries hard and is improving rapidly.  Well done boys.  Good to see you ousting the girls from the top spots!

Tess has been trying her heart out as always.  She is always an easy choice for Tiger of the Week, as she is the model of effort, enthusiasm and courtesy.  Well done again, Tess on another well earned Tiger of the Week.

 Inaci takes another spell as Tiger of the Month for some stunning performances through the latter part of last year, and we have a family Tiger of the Week duo in Luke and Callum for a super effort in class.  It's time you two graded!  I want to see you moving up from white belt soon, boys.

Tiborko takes the other Tiger of the Month spot this month for another month of consistent effort.  Well done, Tiborko.  I'm looking forwards to awarding you with your green belt later in the week.  You should do very well at your grading.  

Jessica!  You're sideways!  And I can't turn you round... don't know why!  For some reason this computer just will not rotate images.  I'll have to take another photo with the camera the other way up.  Well done again on a superb performance the other week.

If I've missed anyone out, I apologise.  Next news will feature the grading at Southam later in the week.  Good luck to those who are taking their next belt.
December 11th
It's been another long gap between news and Christmas is coming! - sorry.  Half term week the Cubs combined with the bigger Tigers for some fun sessions of games and learning.  This was a great week, with some useful discoveries for me - particularly Abigail Faulkner's ability to teach!  Having seen what she can do, I'm delighted to say that she is now going to join me regularly as an assistant at Tiger Cubs to help teaching the younger students.
Great performances in November from William Taylor in Cubs, Max Notley (Wednesdays) and Abigail Faulkner (Fridays) have made them our new wearers of the purple belts of power!  Well done to you three.  Well done also to Tess Whittaker, Luca Smalls and Max Notley (again!) for winning Tiger of the Week.
The Christmas Party seemed to be a great success.  It was wonderful to have Cassie Oury perform for us and I'm hoping that some of you Tigers will be inspired to try harder with your patterns having seen just how sharp and precise you can be when you try!  
I can't believe you scoffed all the cake!  Two enormous cakes and there was only a tiny sliver left for me... and only then because I hid it before anyone else could steal it away from under my nose!  Congratulations to all of our prize winners, in particular to our new Tiger of the Year, Megan Free.  
Being Tiger of the Year is a great achievement.  When we judged for it, we took into account not just ability, but attendance both on a week to week basis and at all the extra events/lessons we ran.  We added points for those who competed for the club and also how they did in competition and for those who came to help promote the club at Fetes during the Summer.  Megan is a worthy winner and now the search for our Tiger of the Year for 2014 starts!
Here's a few pictures from the Christmas Party to remind you of the fun!


If anyone has any great pictures from the Christmas Party, please could you send me copies for the Tigers Scrapbook.  Many thanks.
Bring a Friend Week
This week is 'bring a friend' week.  Both Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd classes are open house - there will be more games and exercise based activities than normal.  Should be a lot of fun.  Don't forget to invite someone along.
November 15th
Goodness!  Has it really been that long since I last updated the news?  OK, well a lot has been happening.  First, there have been a string of great Tiger of the Week performances.  
Maisie Ainsworth was brilliant last Friday after a long break from Cubs.  It was great to see her back and she was learning so fast!  Great stuff.
Then in the main Tigers class, Robbie Whitworth was the star of the night with good concentration and super effort throughout the class.
Last Wednesday it was Leo Gwilliam who was fantastic, impressing both Miss Tucker and Mrs Robson with his concentration and his ever improving technique.  You'll be catching up with your sister at this rate Leo.  Even Master White was impressed to hear you'd been working so hard!
Erin King blew hot again last Friday with a super effort.  She also wins my vote for the quote of the year from a Tiger which came in the following lesson ... "It's no good, I am going to practice more this week.  I can't go through this again!"  
I didn't put up pictures of our Tigers of the month for this month either - I have been slack!  Eve Worthington is smaller than our Tiger Cub of the Month, Caitlyn Scott!  In the picture we can see William Taylor, Caitlyn, Kes Bryce and Eve, who becomes our Friday Tiger of the Month for this month.  Wednesday Tiger of the Month is Liam Jinks, who has had a great run of performances recently. 
In other news, the TAGB celebrated its 30th birthday in style at Coomb Abbey.  No doubt you might recognise one or two of the people in the following pictures:

It was a great fun knight... night... banquet... riot!  There's no doubt that tae kwon-do folk know how to have a good time!
October 25th
What a week!  The finale being today's visit by Cassie Oury, which I understand was a roaring success!  Well done to Megan Bigrave and to Abigail Faulkner for being chosen by Cassie as the Tiger Cub and Tiger of the Week respectively.  
A brilliant week for Abigail - a well earned A grade in her grading and Tiger of the Week!  Outstanding effort, Abi.  Long overdue recognition for all your hard work and practice.  Although Inaci's was perhaps the star performance of the grading, my personal favourite memories of this grading will be watching both you and Eve Worthington, who was also a little star!
Watch out in the Daventry Gusher for the next few weeks and you'll see the articles that I'll be pushing their way.  No doubt they will appear in the sports section towards the back of the paper.  I'm hoping to forge stronger links with Cassie's Clubs in future by doing a joint event with them next year, hosted in Daventry.  And maybe even starting a proper Midlands Tournament just for Tigers.  Watch this space!
What an absolutely ROARSOME week this has been!
October 24th
What a brilliant week it's been so far!  So much to write about - so little time!  I think it's fair to say that you Daventry Tigers are all scarily good!
Highlights have been Tigers of the Week, Finn Mackay and Louis Brown - great efforts there, well done.  But then the tournament and the grading were spectacular!  Well done to all those who won medals in the competitions.  There were some very close sparring matches and some superb patterns.  I will post the results on the Hall of Fame page soon.  
If you didn't win a medal this time, don't worry.  Keep practicing, because there will be more chances to win next year and I'm planning a number of really exciting events for 2014 including the biggest game of mega-dodgeball ever played!
Congratulations to everyone on a superb grading.  I'm going to have to do a lot of updates to the Hall of Fame over the next week!  Cassie will have a great job on Friday - Five A* Tiger medals to give out, plus another Triple A Tiger trophy, as well as a host of very well deserved new belts. 
For those who didn't quite get A grades this time, please don't feel too bad.  I would like you all to know that I felt the standard you set this time was far higher than any we've seen in gradings so far.  It was a pleasure to watch you perform and I'm sure that if you had been grading alongside children from other clubs, some of you who didn't get A's would have stood out as A graders compared with the outsiders.  The problem for the examiner is that you're all so good!  No matter how good you get he seems to be consistent with the percentage of students he gives A grades and above to at Daventry (just under 50%) and he appears to give these to those who stand out to him as performing best on the day.  With perhaps one exception, I believe the examiner gave the right results to the right children - he's generally got a very good eye!
Congratulations again to Miss Tucker, this time on passing her 2nd Dan Black Belt grading and also for being selected as a finalist for the Young Sports Leader of the Year for the whole of Northamptonshire.  We wish her the very best and hope the Judges make the right choice on 7th November!
October 17th
Congratulations Beth Tucker on becoming Daventry District Council's choice for Young Sports Leader of the Year 2013.  It was my great pleasure to witness Beth's success.  I think I can speak for everyone at Tigers when I say that we all think the world of Beth and not only is her work with the children appreciated, but we wish her success in everything she does.
October 14th
Having just come back from a week in Guernsey, I'm now playing catch-up with the news.  Lots more super sessions to recognise, but in particular I want everyone to think about the sparkling week and a half ahead!
Saturday this week will be the Daventry Tigers Tournament, followed by the Grading next Wednesday and the visit by World Champion, Cassie Oury, next Friday!  I genuinely think this is the most exciting 10 day period we've ever had at Daventry Tigers.  I encourage all Tigers to practise like crazy for the next week and a half to make the most of the opportunities, and then it will be back to more varied and fun sessions as we will be mixing in lots of new things after the Grading.
I'll put up some photos and information about our recent Tiger of the Week winners shortly, but I'm struggling to lay my hands on the camera again - grrr!  Goodness only knows where it's gone this time.
Some other fantastic news is that Cummins Ltd. are donating £250 to Tigers and, as I promised, this will be used to reduce the cost of uniforms for as long as the pot of money lasts.  Hence, any uniforms bought from now until the money runs out will be at £20 each, rather than £26.  Do remember that if your child has trousers half way up their legs because they're growing like a Russian vine, you can replace just this element of the uniform with a larger size if you wish.  While the money lasts, trousers will be charged at just £8/pair.  
September 27th
More great performances this week.  Tiger of the Week medals have been won by Natalie Brain, Alex Daniel, Alex Jackson, William O'Toole and Finton Bowerman.  William in particular is looking really impressive. 
Lots of the Tigers could learn from watching how much power he's generating and how much effort he's putting in.  That said, all of the Tigers are beginning to look sharper as we head towards another grading, but I would encourage everyone to keep practising a little every day.  
We've also had a couple of super sparring sessions in Master White's Friday 6pm Class.  There have been a few tears, but we seem to have got past these and are starting to learn tactics and techniques that will help make you better competition fighters.  Well done to all those who have come along.  This will be a regular feature for the next few weeks running up to the Tournament on the 19th October.
 I will give out entry forms this week for the Club Tournament.  They will need to be back to me by the end of next week, please.  Also, I need licenses and grading money in by no later than Wednesday 16th October.  Many thanks.
September 19th
OK, so I'm late posting again, but in my defense, I have been running Tae Kwon-do sessions almost every night for the last two weeks.  It's been crazy busy, but great fun too.  The girls have dominated the headlines in this period with some fantastic performances.  
First up, Tess Whittaker.  It was great to see Tess along with the other girls at the sparring sessions this last couple of weeks.  Tess won Tiger of the Week for her trademark determination and effort.  Not put off by the fact that she found herself outclassed in the first girl's sparring session, she bounced straight back and started doing exercises to improve her flexibility.  This week she was back, grinning and trying every bit as hard.  Well done, Tess.
Last Friday Erin King impressed us with her power and effort.  Throwing 100% into every movestood her apart from the other Tigers in her group.  Keep up that level ofpower and you'll just look better and better as your stances and techniques improve,Erin.  Brilliant stuff!  Well done.
Wednesday this week, Natalie Brain was the star Tiger with afantastic display of effort and great techniques.  You should do very wellat your grading again, Natalie.  Keep up the hard work.  (photo tofollow.)
Remember, Tigers, that when you arrive at classes you should tryto meet up with your mentor - save playing with the dodgeballs for when we'replaying games in the session.  All Tigers are now either mentors, orpaired with a mentor.  Use the time when you first arrive in the hall tohave a quick practice at things you're worst at and get your mentor to helpyou.  If you're a Tiger mentor and the person you are helping asks aquestion you don't know the answer to, just ask one of the Staff.  That'swhat we're here for.
Finally - welcome to Miss Verity Parker, who has kindly agreedto help us out at Tigers whenever she can.  I think she's going to becomea regular face at Wednesday sessions, but hope she will be able to come alongon Fridays sometimes, too.  Miss Parker is currently working towards herblack tag, so she's more than able to help you Tigers with your techniques.
September 11th
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Katy Perry - Roar (Official)
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Thought I'd post Katy Perry's new song here as it could almost be written for Tigers!  Thanks Colin for pointing it out. 
Well, I've now caught up with Tim Sandhu, who informed me that his choices for Tiger of the Week towards the end of last month were Megan and Ava - well done girls!  It seems he was most impressed with the Tigers generally, so I'm delighted with all of you - well done everyone.
This last week it has been Timothy and Bethan who have starred, taking home the medals.  And our new Tigers of the Month are Nigel Morgan and Joshua McIntyre, both of whom were consistently good all through last month.  Brilliant, lads.  Great stuff! 

Last night we had the first of the dedicated sparring sessions.  Six girls came along and had a super time.  The boys are going to have to watch out if they ever spar with Megan - she has no fear and doesn't hold back.  I can see her doing very well in competition.  Despite being significantly shorter than Megan, Bethan and Mabelle were both doing a good job of keeping her at bay and all six girls improved dramatically as the session progressed.   I'm looking forwards to the next session already girls.