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From 2021

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Black Belt Grading Oct 2021

Many congratulations to our new 1st Degree Black Belts, Isabel McDowell, Harry McDowell and Bethan Smith.  An awesome acheivement, well done!

Tiger Legends

All coloured belt gradings at A or A*

New Tiger Legends

Oct 2021

Congratulations to Charlotte Easom (left) and Gina Burgess (Right) for attaining the Tiger Legend Status.  All coloured belt gradings at A or A* level.  An incredible achievement, well done both!

Black Belt Grading May/June 2021

Many Congratulations to those who took their Black Belt grading at Stourport and Dunstable.  Everyone passed.  Well done to them all.  Their new grades are:

Sarah Robson - 4th Degree Black Belt

Jacqui Lewington - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Jenny Wilson - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Selina Yildirim - 1st Degree Black Belt

Lauren Hughes - 1st Degree Black Belt

Emily Easom - 1st Degree Black Belt

Austin Beeson - 1st Degree Black Belt

Online Winter Patterns Competition

South Midlands Area

Many Congratulations to all at Daventry Tigers TKD, Banbury TKD and Woodford Halse TKD.  We won 42 medals of the 50 awarded. 

This was a terrific performance.  Well done to all. 

The girls did particularly well as they took EVERY SINGLE coloured belt medal going. 

Other clubs did enter!!!

Stock photos used for now as competition was online

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