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Joong-Gun TAGB pattern
Joong-Gun TAGB patternPerformed by Miss Natalie Simpson 3rd Dan

Joong Gun was named after the patriot An Joong Gun who assassinated Hiro Bumi Ito, the first Japanese Governor General of Korea.  The 32 movements of the pattern relate to Mr An's age when he was executed in Lui Shung prison in 1910.

Common Grading Questions

How many moves in pattern Joong Gun?  32.

What is the interpretation of the pattern Joong Gun?  See above.

What does a red belt signify?  Danger - cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent to beware.

What is the Korean for one step sparring?  Ilbo matsoki.

What is the Korean for U shaped/stick block?  Digutcha makgi or Mongdungi makgi.  The full name would actually be Digutcha mongdungi makgi - U-shaped stick block.  Either part is an acceptable answer.