Green Tag to Green Belt Grading Information

You should know the drill by now: when your name is called, shout 'Yes Sir' and run to position, name and grade by position etc.  On this grading, however, expect to be asked to perform 2 patterns - normally Dan Gun and Do San, but he might ask you to perform Chon Ji - it's not unheard of.

Line work is not prescribed, but make sure you can do the following combinations well:

Front kick double punch going forwards.
Side kick, land in L stance, guarding block, going forwards.
Turning kick, land in L stance, guarding block going forwards.
Wedging block forwards and backwards in walking stance.
Outward block, reverse punch forwards and backwards in walking stance.
Straight fingertip thrust stepping forwards and backwards in walking stance.
Stepping forwards and backwards, forearm guarding block in L stance.

Remember, to get an A grade at this level, you need to make all of your moves sharp and powerful.  You should aim to make all of your kicks at waist level or above.


What does the green belt represent?  Green represents the plant's growth, as the skills in Tae Kwon-do continue to develop.

What is the interpretation of the pattern Do San?  Do San is the pseudonym of the patriot An Chang Ho (1876 -1938) who dedicated his life to the education of Korea and furthering its independence movement.

How many moves are in the pattern Do San? 24

What is the Korean for wedging block? Hechyo makgi.

What is the Korean for straight fingertip thrust? Son sonkut tulgi.

What is the Korean for outward block?  Bakaero makgi.

There is more in your student handbook, but these are the favourite questions for this belt level.

Pattern Do San (Green Tag Pattern)

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DO-SAN, TaeKwon-Do Pattern performed slow and fast for instructional purposes by Mr Michael Burke VI Dan Examiner TaeKwon-Do Ireland.


This video takes you step by step through pattern Do San.  It's the best one I could find on You Tube.  I think you'll find it useful, as he pauses in each stance for a good long time before moving on.  Personally I don't recommend going off at quite such an angle when doing the front kick, double punch combinations, as it makes returning to your original mark very tricky.  However, this is an excellent demonstration of the pattern and the new techniques you need to master.