Daventry Leisure Centre
Lodge Road, Daventry, NN11 4FP

4 & 5 years-old (Tiger Cubs)
Fridays 4 - 4.45pm 
(Term Time only, in school holidays meets with main Tigers)

4 to 10 years-old inclusive (Tigers)
Wednesdays and Fridays 5 - 5.45pm
Advanced Tigers - Green Tag and Above
Wednesdays & Fridays 6 - 7pm
(Term Time only, in school holidays meets with main Tigers) 
Classes in
Woodford Halse Primary School
Mondays 5 - 5.45pm (Tigers)
Mondays 6 - 7pm (Family Classes - all ages)

Some places available
Daventry Tigers Team  Taster Class and First two sessions Free!

We have a few spaces available and younger children are welcome in the main Tigers class if they cannot make the Tiger Cubs time.  If you're interested in a trial session for your child, please fill out the form on the contact page.

If you have a child who is 11+, there are spaces available in Master White's Classes.  We do not run those classes.  For information on these, please see:

Our children's martial arts classes in Daventry Leisure Centre will teach taekwondo based on the pillars courtesy, integrity, perseverance foster an indomitable spirit.  With time, a child will gain focus to study better at school and learn to set goals that will help them become higher


At the end of every lesson we recite a promise:

"As a student of taekwondo, I promise to follow the rules of the taekwondo association.  To try always to be modest, polite and respectful to all members - especially my seniors.  I also promise never to use taekwondo except in self-defense, or in defense of the weak."


(Instructor) I train in a Dojang 
(Students) I train in a Dojang
(Instructor) Wearing a Dobok
(Students) Wearing a Dobok
(Instructor) My belt is my Ti
(Students) My belt is my Ti
(Instructor) Student is a Jeja
(Students) Student is a Jeja
(Instructor) Instructor is a Sabum
(Students) Instructor is a Sabum
(Instructor) Jeja
(Students) Jeja
(Instructor) Sabum
(Students) Sabum

Jurugi!  Makgi!  Chagi!

  • Courtesy (bow) 
  • Integrity (both hands straight out in front)
  • Self Control (hug yourself) 
  • Perseverance (jog on the spot)
  • Indomitable Spirit (muscle-man pose)

TAGB Daventry tigers

British Taekwondo Council logo
TAGB (Tae Kwon Do Association of Great Britain) style Taekwondo in Daventry - children's martial arts classes with a high fun factor. 
Sessions will incorporate lots of children's activities designed to help improve co-ordination, fitness and self-confidence. 

TAGB taekwondo logo

Please contact us if you want more information
Students will be able to progress through their belts towards the coveted black belt, but will not grade as frequently as students attending normal Taekwondo classes.  Older children, adults and those who wish to study in a more formal fashion should attend the classes held by Master Jackson White.

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