January 2019

Huge congratulations to Taylor Ridley for winning Grand Master Oliver's Grading Award at Banbury.  Her grading to red belt was a classy performance and well deserving of the top grading prize. 

Well done to all of our other A graders as well - particularly to Sara Jeffs for winning her Triple A Tiger trophy.  Great achievement - well done.

Everyone seems to be peaking in time for the Midlands Championships.  Looking forward to seeing how you all measure up to children from other clubs across the region.

December 2018

The end of year award ceremony was made very special this year with another super party at the Tigers Indoor Play area and our guest, Lynn Jones, Mayor of Daventry.  Tiger of the Year for 2018 was Alice Foster, having had superb all round exam results and competition results including her double silver at the World Championships in both Individual Patterns and Individual Sparring: a fantastic achievement.

Tiger Cub of the Year went to Charlotte Dunkley for outstanding progress, showing excellent advances with her stances, technique and confidence generally.

Woodford Halse Tiger of the Year went to Abi-Louise Hinton for excellent grading results and all round improvement in class.  There were a total of about 30 award winners who will all be featured in the Hall of Fame.  Well done to all of our Annual Awards Winners.

November 2018

Another successful month for the Tigers at the British Championships with lots of amazing results.  Brilliant to see National level breakthroughs for some of our junior students as well as our established competitors.  Fantastic double for Isabel and Harry McDowell, both siblings finishing in 3rd position in their respective Individual patterns events.

Triple Gold for Selina Yildirim: Individual Patterns, Team Patterns (with Alice Foster and Emily Easom) and Tag Team Gold.  What an amazing day out!  And younger sister, Alara didn't come home empty handed either.  Gold in Team Patterns with Caoimhe Adams and Isabel McDowell and Bronze in Individual Sparring.

It was individual bronze medals for Logan Boddington in the sparring, silver for Lauren Hughes in Individual Patterns and silver also in the Team Patterns event for Bronwyn Harrison, Elsie Dunkley and Lottie Babb.

Woodford student, Mrs Gina Burgess added to her English and World Titles by winning Gold again in Individual Patterns, and Gold in Team Patterns with Mrs Charlotte Easom and Mr Thomas Napora.

There were near misses for Isla Boddington, Jack O'Toole, Emily Easom, Taylor Ridley and Daniella Kaufman in individual patterns, who all made the final rounds.  The dark horses, Mia Carlton, Cleo Dunkley and Jessica Babb also had a near miss in the team patterns, finishing 4th.

Nicole Archer took bronze in individual sparring and William O'Toole won bronze in tag team sparring.  Lauren Hughes joined Taylor Ridley and Jack O'Toole to take bronze in team patterns.  Overall, it was probably the best National Championships we have ever had.  Great stuff, Tigers.

October 2018

October started with the Nationwide Cleaning Machines Daventry Tournament.  Massive thanks to our sponsor for supporting this event so amazingly this year.  It was our biggest tournament yet, with about 80 competitors.  Everyone performed brilliantly and there were too many incredible performances to list here. 

William O'Toole proved unstoppable in his divisions, but his was to be the only triple gold this year.  Nicole beat Mabelle into silver position in patterns to end her run of total dominance (though Mabelle took golds in sparring and destruction), and Alice Foster stopped Selina Yildirim from a clean sweep by taking the girls intermediate patterns title.  

There were some surprise results and new stars emerged, which is always pleasing at these events.  Well done to everyone who won medals.  And many thanks to all who came and helped to make it such a successful day. 

Next came the Daventry District Sports Awards.  Daventry Tae Kwon-do people featured in 5 different categories.  To our delight this really was to be 'our night'! 

The girls' Team Patterns squad of Lauren, Alice, Selina and Emily won Team of the Year and I think it's fair to say that they were pretty happy about this!  But that was just the beginning...

Daventry Tigers won Community Club of the Year - the second time we've won this Award.  We all know that we're the best sports club in the district, but it's nice to see this recognised in this way. 

Then Lauren won Young Sportswoman of the Year.  This is the first time we've ever had someone win this category, and it was wonderful to see.  Given her achievements it wasn't really that surprising.  Not many other local Clubs can boast an individual World Champion!

And still we weren't finished... William O'Toole won Young Leader of the Year.  It was a tough category, especially being up against another of our fantastic young leaders, Kes Bryce.  It was a shame that they couldn't both win, but it was super to see them both recognised for their efforts.

And still we weren't finished!  The final category was the Lifetime Contribution to Sport Award, which was won by none other than the Master himself - Jackson White.  It was super to see him rewarded in this way for his huge contribution to martial arts in Daventry over the last 35+ years.  What was even better was that he had no idea he'd even been nominated.  It was a great way to round off the evening.

To say we dominated the Sports Awards this Year would be a bit of an understatement! 

For Lauren there was more to come.  Another marvelous A* Grading performance moving her up the Hall of Fame to become a 7A Tiger, one of a very select group - and all of her gradings have been A*s!  Just two more to join Mabelle and Nicole in the 'Legend' status.  Amazing.

And still this month had more.  Alexander Cartwright, William Taylor and Luca Smalls (recently moved up to Master White's classes) went to Bristol to attempt their 1st Degree Black Belt exam.  It's a pretty nerve-wracking experience, but the boys all shone on the floor of the Academy and a couple of days later it was our pleasure to award Alexander and William their belts in class. 

Well done to all of the 3 boys.  Our record of Tigers and ex-Tigers all passing their Black Belts first time remained intact and they achieved their belts in style.

The Patterns Teams have been practising like crazy for the British Championships.  All of the Award Winners from the Daventry District Sports Awards have been shortlisted for the Northamptonshire Sports Awards ceremony in Sywell and the coloured belt grading is only a matter of a couple of weeks away.  2018 is far from over yet.  Lots more news to come in November for sure!

September 2018

Have hardly drawn breath since the World Champs in July.  So many amazing achievements and things to celebrate that it's hard to know where to start.

September saw a small group head off to the North Midlands Champs in Derby.  Junior Instructor, Nicole Archer, finally realised her dream of becoming a regional individual sparring champion in the girls' red belt lightweight division, Alice Foster added to her tally of podium finishes with a bronze in patterns.  It wasn't to be William's day, but young Jack also made the podium with a bronze in individual sparring.  Huge well done to them all.

Then Nicole climbed the ladder in the Hall of Fame, becoming our second Tiger Legend!  Adding another superb A* grading to bring her tally to 9 in a row... all A*s, she's certainly had a phenomenal year in 2018.

24th July 2018

So much has happened since I last posted news that it's hard to know whether to start at the most recent, or the oldest news first.  Certainly the biggest news is the fantastic results posted by the Daventry and Woodford Halse students who attended the Taekwondo International World Championships in Birmingham last weekend.  What a team we sent!  They were all amazing and posted excellent scores in every division.  And there were medals... lots of medals!  We hope that we made our generous sponsors at System M very proud to have supported us.

The first competition to conclude was the Girl's Green belt patterns division, which ended in a play-off for gold and silver between Lauren Hughes and Alice Foster.  Lauren went on to (just!) beat Alice into second and become World Champion.  It was a dream start for Daventry Tigers and there were more medals to come. 

While Lauren and Alice were battling it out on their square there was a lot of confusion on the girls yellow belt square with language barriers causing havoc.  Fantastic performances all round from the Daventry and Woodford girls in this division.  Selina Yildirim took the Silver medal.  Caoimhe Adams and Isabel McDowell were only one point away from a tie for a Bronze medal play-off, with Daniella Kaufman just a point behind them.  Mia Carlton also performed really well, finishing in the top half of the field.

On the square next to them in the Boys yellow belt division the boys put on a good show as well.  Daniel Batts produced the performance of his life but sadly finished just outside the medal places and Bobby George put in a brave performance just having one falter right at the end of the pattern that cost him valuable marks. 

Elsewhere it was a day of near misses for many and lots of top ten placements.  Jack O'Toole, Taylor Ridley, Alexander Cartwright, Luca Smalls, Charlie George and Kobi Covill all put in strong performances in the patterns.  Junior Instructor Mabelle Gwilliam was unable to make the top 3 this time (which tells you how tough that division was).  And it was to be disappointment as well for junior instructors Emily Easom (who was drawn in 'the death slot' and up first) and William O'Toole.  However, Nicole Archer found her form at the right time and ended her (for her) dry spell of medals with a fantastic Bronze in the Red Belt Girls patterns.

The Woodford Halse Ladies, Charlotte Easom and Gina Burgess were in action as well.  Charlotte posted good scores, but not good enough to make the medals.  Gina, however, followed up her Gold at the English Champs with another title at the Worlds winning Gold once again.

Then the sparring began.  Daniel Batts impressed me again by scoring well against a tough opponent, losing eventually 9-6.  Jack O'Toole won through 2 rounds in a huge green belt division, only to meet his match in round 3.  Charlie George also won his first fight, but sadly didn't progress past the second round. 

Alice Foster was on the hunt for Gold again in the Girl's Green Belt Lightweight division, winning through to the final in style.  The final was close - really close.  At full time she was tied 3-3 and entered a 'golden point' round where the first to score would win.  I thought she scored, but the referee didn't see the point and it wasn't allowed.  Unfortunately she was to finish in Silver medal position again, but it was an incredible performance and one which made everyone involved in teaching her very proud.

Junior Instructors Mabelle Gwilliam and William O'Toole were back in action again.  Mabelle lost to a very tough young lady from Liverpool in her first try at the black belt continuous sparring.  William fared better, winning through to the quarter finals, but sadly losing just before the medal stages.  Nicole decided to have one last shot and entered the Tag Team sparring with two girls from Amesbury and Bristol.  This was to prove the crowning moment of her day, finally giving her the colour she was after - Gold - and the title World Champion!

On the Sunday, World Master White entered the Men's Super-Exec Black Belt Sparring event and once again proved why he is such a Legend in taekwondo circles by becoming World Champion yet again!  He really is an inspirational man and although I know some of the Tigers are scared of his loud voice, he really is a super person to have for an instructor at this sport.  I love training with him and I hope that many of you will come to love it too eventually.

In other news there were more amazing performances at the Grading last week.  I think it was one of the strongest gradings we've seen, with some super performances from our youngest Tigers and Tiger Cubs. 

Grand Master Oliver was very impressed and awarded a lot of A and A* Grades.  Congrats to Lauren Hughes for making it 6 A*s in a row, Selina Yildirim for extending her run to 5 A*s, Emily Easom for achieving her 5A Tiger award, Jack O'Toole for making it 4 As in a row, Mrs Gina Burgess for her triple A award (all A*s), Sara Jeffs for a super A* performance and to Kahlen Iddins (now 2 in a row) Louis Faulkner and especially to little Amelie Turner, who put in an amazing performance to get her A grade.  So impressive that GM Oliver awarded her the Best in Grading Award, which was very well deserved.

Well done to all who graded this time.  I was extremely proud of everyone who achieved their next belt level.  You were all fantastic!

Thanks should also be given to the super team who came to display at the Long Buckby Summer Fete, which was almost certainly the most impressive display we've ever put on for the public.  The standard displayed was really of the highest order and everyone I spoke with afterwards was totally blown away by how good you all were.  We really do have a very strong Club right now.  Mrs Robson and I are incredibly proud of everyone we teach. 

5th June 2018

Well would you look at that!  Only a couple of weeks has passed and I'm publishing more news!  What a super couple of weeks it's been!  The Woodford Halse Primary School Summer Fete display was a great event.  I thought everyone performed really well.  Excellent first public performance by the Woodford students and some fantastic team and individual displays.  Selina sort of stole the show at the end with this amazing musical pattern that we had concocted for the occasion.

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Selina Musical Pattern
Woodford Halse Summer Fete - Tigers Display. Musical pattern by Selina.

We also had a super day out with our intrepid junior instructors during the Half Term week.  They put so much work into helping to teach the Tigers that we feel it's only fair to treat them every now and then to something special. We gave them a list of choices to choose from this year and they decided they wanted to go karting.  We added Laser Tag to make it a full day and off to Birmingham we went. 

I think it fair to say we had fun.  There was some fearsome driving on the race track and some spectacular crashes.  Megan managed to cause a four car pile up, Mabelle T-boned me at full speed on one of the sharper turns and I don't think anyone came off without at least one incident.  That said, no one was hurt and everyone came off the track buzzing.  Mia was just a little too short to race, so she and Mrs Robson tried V-racing, which is insanely difficult.  Kes earned his title of 'assassin' in the Laser Tag arena with some impressively accurate shooting.  And the team impressed the socks off the manager with a Laser Tag performance of Chon Ji in perfect synch, shooting on every punch!  It was a shame that it was too dark for photos or video in the arena.

More fetes and another Grading are creeping towards us rapidly.  The Tigers Summer BBQ is also just over a month away.  It's crazy-busy this year, but I'd like to think everyone is enjoying the madness.

17 May 2018

Another superb grading at Daventry Leisure Centre last night.  There were a record number of A* grades last night - I think GM Oliver is trying to bankrupt me with all the medals I'm having to buy!  (Only kidding.)  Fantastic performances all round.  I look forward very much to handing out all the new belts at the next few lessons.

There were also not one, but two perfect scores for the floor work, which we haven't seen at a grading since Mabelle Gwilliam took her white belt grading over 5 years ago!  Perfect scores are incredibly rare, so a particular well done to those two students... you will find out who you are very soon! 

Above is a picture of the junior graders from both Daventry and Woodford.  And this motley bunch to the right are the advanced graders.

At the weekend, we're looking forward to performing at the Woodford Halse Primary School Summer Fete, which should be a lot of fun.  Photos to follow.  Mr Mark Clewes from Redditch is also due to visit tomorrow to see how we run our classes.  We will then be having a 'Club Swap' shortly - I will be taking our fantastic junior instructors across to Redditch to teach his classes for a day and Mr Clewes will be bringing some of his people to Daventry to teach.  It's always good to share ideas and teaching methods, as it keeps classes fresh and interesting.

Massive congratulations to Selina for winning the 'Best in Grading' Award last night.  Hers was a truly exceptional performance and clearly a well deserved award.  Also a huge thank you to GM Oliver for once again being our examining officer.  He does a superb job of grading the children and has a very good eye when it comes to scoring the grading cards.  All those children who did not achieve A or A* grades will be getting a feedback email from me next week detailing what they need to work on to step up to the top level grades.

29 March 2018

What a great year 2018 is setting out to be for Daventry Tigers!  More fantastic guest instructors and an amazing set of results at the English Championships... and we're still only in March!

First it was our privilege to have Grand Master Oliver visit to give a lesson... and what a lesson!  A really fun mix of strength, coordination and concentration exercises that kept the Tigers enthralled for the entire lesson.  No need to break it up with games on that day.  It was a real treat and I think it fair to say that everyone enjoyed it very much.  I know I certainly did.  Grand Master Oliver will once again be our grading examiner on Wednesday, 16th May. 

And on the same night as Grand Master Oliver came, we were also visited by Councillor Lynne Taylor, the current Mayor of Daventry, who has been taking a keen interest in our club since being our guest of honour at the Annual Prizegiving last December.  Cllr Taylor was both impressed by the behaviour and amazed by the ability of the students in both classes that she observed. 

The English Championships this year were to be our most successful ever, with students from Daventry and Woodford Halse bringing back a total of 5 individual trophies and 15 team medals!  Massive congratulations to all the students who went and competed - not just to those who brought home bling, but to everyone who took part.  You were all amazing! 

It was particularly super to see Alice Foster put her scary face on and finally break through to a podium finish, winning bronze in the individual sparring.  Having been so close in patterns at previous competitions, (and again this time) I have a feeling this is going to be the start of a long run of success for her.  Selina Yildirim added to her Silver at the Midlands with another Silver at the English, and Lauren Hughes took Bronze in the green belt patterns. 

William O'Toole won a fantastic bronze in the individual sparring and there were superb performances in particular from Alara Yildirim, and Isabel McDowell, who both made it into the final round of the patterns, finishing 4th and 5th in their first National Competition.  Very high scores were also recorded by Caoimhe Adams (I still can't believe she didn't make the final with her performance!) Lottie Babb, Bronwyn Harrison, Emily Easom, Isla Boddington and Mia Carlton.  Good scores also from Jack O'Toole, Luca Smalls, Kobi Covill and Alexander Cartwright (even though he knew he'd made costly mistakes).  Solid performances from Kahlen Iddins, Alex Oake and Daniel Batts.  The standard of all our students was really very high indeed.

Once the team events started, more medals flooded in.  Emily, Lauren and Alice took silver in the largest team pattern division of the day with a super performance.  William, Kobi and Luca took Bronze in the red belt division and Selina, Alara and Isabel took Bronze in the yellow belt division.  All of the children from Daventry who entered got podium finishes in this discipline - amazing!

Jack O'Toole won silver in Tag Team sparring.  Alice added to her tally with another Bronze and Daniel Batts fought very bravely for his team (scoring more points than anyone else in his team) to win Bronze. 

The adults from the Woodford Halse family classes also shone.  Mrs Gina Burgess became English Champion at individual patterns in the yellow belt division.  Mrs Charlotte Easom also made the final round only to lose out on a Bronze after tying for third in an extra elimination round.  However, the two ladies then teamed up with Alice Foster's dad, Mr Thomas Napora to win Gold in the Team Patterns.

As if all this wasn't enough, last night Daventry Tigers were delighted to welcome 6th Degree black belt and 5 times Ladies World Sparring Champion, Master Nicola Line back for another visit.  She came specifically to assess Nicole Archer, Mia Burndred and Neve Disley for their black Junior Instructor jackets.  There was little doubt in my mind that they were ready, and I was delighted to see that Master Line agreed.  Well done, girls and welcome to the Team!  Nicky then went on to run a sparring lesson for the Advanced Tigers that had all of the children, hot, sweaty and ready for a shower and bed by the time she'd finished!  All great fun.

English Championships 2018

Clocks change and Roadworks.  Allow extra time to get there and find somewhere to park.

Live running order:

6 February 2018

Oh dear!  Has it really been that long since I posted news?!  OK.  Here it comes... December saw the Tigers Christmas Party, which we held at the Tigers Indoor Play Centre on the Royal Oak Industrial Park this year.  What a great event it was!  Even the Junior Instructors seemed to enjoy the climbing area and laser tag. 

We were joined by the Daventry Town Mayor, Councillor Lynne Taylor, who very kindly handed out the end of year awards to the children.  I think it's fair to say that she was suitably impressed by the courtesy and general behaviour of the Tigers and she has been avidly following our exploits on Facebook ever since.  Congratulations to all the prize winners, especially our Tiger of the Year, Kobi Covill and our Tiger Cub of the Year, Daniella Kaufman.  All of the Award Winners can be found in the Hall of Fame.

In January we were treated to a visit by the amazing Anjali Neelakanton.  What an inspirational session that was!  The children in both the main class and the advanced class were treated to a masterclass in both patterns and sparring.  To see more photos of this fantastic event, visit our album on the Tigers Facebook page.

More recently a group of Tigers went to Kettering to compete at the Midlands Championships.  I think it fair to say that it was a positive experience for most of the competitors.  The boys' squares were marking very tough for the patterns competitions and the only one to make the final stages was Junior Instructor, William O'Toole, who finished 3rd in the Red Belt division.  Younger brother Jack made it through to the semi-finals of the Boys' Green Belt Individual Sparring, finishing in Bronze position, his first podium finish in a major competition - brilliant stuff, Jack!

In the girls' patterns divisions there was more success with Lauren Hughes winning Gold in the Girls' Green Belt Patterns.  In doing so, Lauren has become our first Girl Tiger since opening the Club 6 years ago to take a regional title.  We've seen several bronze and silver finishes in the past, but this is the first Gold.  Massive congratulations, Lauren.

For Selina Yildirim it was to be a brilliant, but rather heartbreaking Silver in the Girls' Yellow Belt Patterns.  Having thought she'd won (well, she had won!) the senior referee decided to re-run the final round due to a technical muck up by the judges.  In the end, having tied for Gold on the second time round, she narrowly lost the final on a split decision by the judges, 3 votes to 2 in favour of her opponent.  Competitions have not been kind to Selina this last few months, but there is no doubting her skill.  She is another 'champion in waiting' for sure.

It was to be a tough day for some of our other Club stars in the individual competitions.  Good scores in the patterns, but no reward this time for Nicole Archer, Taylor Ridley, Alice Foster, Alexander Cartwright, Kobi Covill and Luca Smalls.  Some super debut performances from Emily Easom, Caoimhe Adams, Daniella Kaufman, Isabel McDowell, Bobby George, Daniel Batts, Louis Faulkner and Charlie Chettle.  Mrs Robson and I were very proud to be your instructors as you all represented Daventry Tigers very well indeed.

It was wonderful to see our one competitor from Woodford Halse, Mrs Charlotte Easom, do so well in the Ladies Yellow Belt Patterns - Silver is an amazing debut performance!  Fantastic stuff and hopefully very inspiring for Emily and Jessica to see their mum being such a star!

20 November 2017

What a mad couple of weeks!  It's all been happening at Daventry Tigers - so many good things going on and more to come shortly.  First, congratulations again to Junior Instructor Megan Free, who finished as Runner Up for the Northamptonshire Young Leader of the Year Award.  Again, I can't stress enough how proud we all are of her at Daventry Tigers.  She is a wonderful role model for the young Tigers and an excellent teacher of Tae Kwon-do.

Then came the grading... and without giving away too much (as we've not given out the new belts yet) it was a superb grading with a record number of A and A* grades - well done Tigers!  Regardless of what your grade was in the end, I cannot tell you how proud Mrs Robson and I were to be your instructors, and I know that Mr & Mrs Kennedy feel the same - you were all fantastic!  Huge congratulations to Alice Foster for winning the Best in Grading Award with "a truly outstanding performance" (to quote Grand Master Oliver).  Brilliant stuff!

Hard on the heels of the grading came the Daventry Tournament... and what a great competition it was.  So many fantastic performances - such a high standard again and hopefully everyone who went had a good time.

I think this is my image of the day so far.  Alara Yildirim clearly delighted with Silver in the patterns, but went on to go one better in destruction and add a gold to it!

Massive congratulations to Tiger Legend, Mabelle Gwilliam.  There was speculation that you might struggle to complete a triple, triple gold as you were always going to get fierce competition from Nicole, but once again you stamped your authority on the day and held all of your challengers at bay.  Nine gold medals from 3 consecutive tournaments will take some beating I think!

Also huge congratulations to William O'Toole who became the first boy to achieve a triple gold and to Selina Yildirim who also completed the triple.  Well done to everyone who took home medals of any colour and many thanks also to those who didn't quite manage to win one this time.  Without competitors there would be no competition and no point in holding this sort of event.  You were all amazing.  All of the results from the day can be seen on the Hall of Fame Page.

A massive THANK YOU to all of the officials who made the day possible - particularly Master Jackson White, Master Patrick Carter, Master Jay Hackett and Master Nicky Line for running the four squares, and to Mrs Robson for managing to get all of the breaking competitions completed in good time despite the technical issues with the breaking board holders.

And finally another huge THANK YOU to our sponsors for the day, Nationwide Cleaning Machines and Daventry Town Council, without whom we would have emptied much of our accumulated Club fund into paying for the medals and hall hire.

6 November 2017

So much news!  So many successes that it's hard to know where to begin.  Massive congratulations to Selina, Alice and Lauren for becoming British Team Patterns Champions!  You worked so hard for that, girls.  It's a very well deserved title. 

I was immensely proud of all of the performances at the British Championships this year.  Selina and Lauren were involved in a four-way tie for first place in the individual patterns event.  It's horrible, but someone has to miss out on a trophy and in this case it proved to be Selina, which was doubly cruel as she had been given the highest qualifying score to reach the final.  Lauren pipped her and finished in Bronze position.  I'm definitely biased, but I did feel that both girls were a little robbed in not finishing higher, as they were both superb.

Well done to all the Tigers who competed - you can see videos of some of the performances on the Tigers Facebook page.  Although there were no more medals or trophies this time, there were some superb efforts and all of our students competed very well.  Brilliant effort: Taylor Ridley, Jack O'Toole, Luca Smalls and Kobi Covill.  Well done also to Tiger Junior Instructors, Nicole Archer and William O'Toole (5th in individual patterns).

Huge congrats also go to Junior Instructor, Megan Free, who became Daventry District Young Leader of the Year for 2017.  We are immensely proud of the work our Junior Instructors do in helping to teach the younger students and it's wonderful when they get recognised for their efforts.  Megan has also now been shortlisted for the Northamptonshire Young Leader of the Year Award, so we wish her great luck in possibly receiving even more recognition there.

There were also a string of successes up in York at this year's Clash of the Clubs Tag Team sparring event.  Although we didn't enter any Tiger Teams this year, one Tiger and several junior instructors and ex-Tigers made the trip anyway to compete.  William O'Toole, Kes Bryce and Harry Chittendon won the boys lightweight division, Nicole Archer joined a team that won the girls lightweight division and Jack O'Toole joined a team that won the boys Peewee division.  Golds all round and lots of spangly trophies to add to the collections!

Next up is the Grading and the Daventry Tournament.  Watch this space for lots more news shortly!

4 September 2017

Firstly, huge congratulations to Nicole Archer for her best results yet in a regional tournament.  Yesterday she traveled to Guildford, Surrey, to compete in the South East Regional Tournament where she won Bronze in the Girls Blue Belt Patterns event, and then went one better by winning Silver in the Girls Individual Lightweight Blue Belt Sparring.  For any of the Tigers wanting to achieve such success, you only have to watch Nicole train to know that she earns her medals and trophies.  Winning medals at Regional and National level events is not easy.  It takes a lot of hard work to reach a standard where you are in with a chance.  Nicole practises pretty much every day - an example that I hope one or two more Tigers are inspired to follow.

Secondly, a plea to all Tiger parents to please visit Waitrose Supermarket in Daventry as frequently as possible during September to put their little green tokens in the Daventry Tigers box.  Every token means more money for the Tigers Committee Fund to distribute back to you guys.  The money this year will be split between supporting the Young Leaders Programme, subsidies for Tiger uniforms and competition entries.  Please urge everyone you know to help us get as much free money as possible from Waitrose.  Thanks.

All classes are back to normal this week (6th September onwards).  We hope you had a great Summer Holiday and look forward to seeing you all back in class and working towards your next belt grading, which will be on 17th November.

June/July 2017

It's been two months of enormous growth as a club as we approached the Summer Holidays.  Lots of new Tigers, a new Tiger Cubs Class opening on Wednesdays, which pretty much instantly filled to capacity.  We are now well over 100 strong and after some discussion it appears the next logical step is to try to replicate this success elsewhere.  So, in September 2017 we will be opening Monday classes in Woodford Halse Primary School.  There will be a Tigers Class from 5pm to 5.45pm and a Family Class which will allow adults and older children to have a chance to learn with the same instructors as the children.  We are hoping that our reputation will pave the way for rapid growth there as well.  This will also mean there is another class available for those who pay for unlimited training, and more options for students who are serious about Tae Kwon-do to train even more frequently.

Also, during the last few months it has been time for a bit of socializing, with our 2 Summer BBQs.  The first was just for our Junior Instructors and their families to say thank you for all their hard work through the year.  We then had our open house BBQ for all Tigers and their families.  This year was by far the biggest we've attempted, and despite the weather we were delighted to have over 100 of you come to our house for some food and fun.  We work very hard to get to know your children well and understand what makes them 'tick' in classes, but it was super to have a chance to get to know some of the parents a little better.  I think it fair to say that we will probably never manage to remember all of your names the way we do with the children, but at least we are getting to know some of you a little better now.

Anyone for Tiger Soup?

All in all, it's been a very positive period of consolidation and planning and we're all looking forwards to the new term and new challenges as we prepare the Tigers for their next belts and for our very own Club Tournament in the Autumn.  More on that shortly.  We hope you're all having a fun Summer Holiday period now.  Keep !

May 2017

Two major events dominated May this year - The Daventry Ambush and the grading.  Both were fantastic, and ran pretty much on rails.  Well done to all students who won trophies at the Ambush, and also to any who won awards at the beginners event in the afternoon.  We were very impressed with how quickly everyone adapted and threw themselves into the spirit of the day.  It was great fun (if exhausting!)  It might be a while before we attempt another event of that size, but watch this space for October, because we will be looking to run a Daventry Tournament for the Tigers (and ex-Tigers) that even if you're not a fan of competitions, you might want to enter.  It promises to be a lot of fun!

I will post some pictures from the ambush on the Events Page, but you can see lots more on the Tigers Facebook page here, (general photos) here (prize winners) and here (beginners winners).

The grading was also a huge success.  Many congratulations to all of you for passing and especially to Nicole Archer who was named 'Best in Grading' by Grand Master Oliver.  It was a most impressive performance and takes her run of A* grades to 6 in a row. 

A* grades also went to Lauren Hughes (3 in a row), Alice Foster (3 in a row) and newcomers, Caoimhe Adams (only 5 years old!) and Selina Yildirim.  Fantastic performances from all of you - well done.  There were also a further 14 A grades.  I won't list them all here, but I will mention those who took their runs to 3 in a row to gain their Tiger Trophies alongside Lauren and Alice: Mae Burndred, Austin Beeson and Amelia Fry. 

A massive 'Well Done' also to Mia Burndred who took her run of A and A* grades to 5 in a row to gain her 5A Tiger Trophy and join a very elite band indeed.  That is a superb achievement.

What does June hold?  Well, we're planning to have a 'Thank you' barbeque especially for the Junior Instructors (there will be an open one for the rest of the Tigers in July).  We will also begin training Nicole Archer, Mia Burndred and Neve Disley as Junior Instructors, so please give them the respect that they deserve for having been selected and make sure you address them as 'Ma'am' if you are taught by them during the coming months.  We will begin teaching you all your new patterns shortly and we will be working with those who didn't grade this time to see if we can get any of them ready for the Southam Grading in July.  More than this, though, we will be looking to include some of the more fun elements into classes, rather than making classes all about the exams.  

April 2017 News

What a great month for Tigers!  A massive well done to Junior Instructors: Megan Free, Ava Kempson and Abigail Faulkner for achieving their 1st Degree Black Belts.  They all performed really well on their grading.  Mrs Robson and I were hugely proud watching them grade.  They are such excellent role models for the younger Tigers coming through.  Also, another excellent performance from Junior Instructor Mabelle Gwilliam saw her add the first Star to her Black Belt.  Junior Instructor Kes Bryce also added to his impressive collection of A grades by picking one up at his black tag grading.  We look forward to seeing him grade to Black Belt later in the year.

Advanced Tigers Leo Gwilliam, Kobi Covill and Joshua Briggs travelled to Southam to grade and were amazing ambassadors for the Club.  All passed their gradings with flying colours.  Josh Briggs added to his run of A grades, making it 4 in a row - the first boy to achieve this.  

Kobi improved further on his A grade last time by getting an A* on his red belt grading - becoming one of only 3 Daventry Tigers to achieve an A* at this grade.  He joins the exalted company of Mabelle and Bethan Smith.  It's not easy to get A grades the higher grades, let alone A* grades.  It really was an outstanding performance.

Also, Daventry Tigers was assessed and found worthy of the Clubmark accreditation, which is already reaping benefits in funding for the Club.  It was a lot of work, but we think in the long term it will benefit us greatly.  Next month is a busy one with both the Ambush Event and the Daventry Grading.  Both promise to be excellent events and I'm looking forward to seeing lots of children gaining belt promotions in May.


Since we started posting so much news up on our Facebook page, I must confess that I keep forgetting to update the news here as well.  Apologies to those who are not on Facebook!  Here's a round up of the last couple of months.

Firstly, well done to the students who took part in the English Championships.  Many congratulations to Josh Bull who came second in the Boys' Green Belt .  Nicole Archer, Taylor Ridley and Mia Burndred all scored well in patterns, Taylor and Mia missing out on the final round by 0.1 of a mark.  Nicole made it to the final, but was beaten in a play off for a podium finish, placing 4th.  Great efforts there.  Some tough sparring competitions on the day and very busy patterns competitions.

Nicole Archer and Jake also picked up bronze medals in the Tag Team Sparring events.

Then we had the fantastic visit by 6th Degree Black Belt, Nicki Line.  Nicki had come on a double mission - to assess William O'Toole as a junior instructor and to take a sparring class with the Advanced Tigers.  Despite being under the weather, William shone on his assessment, winning lots of praise for his calm air of control throughout his teaching assignments.  He certainly earned his right to the coveted black jacket.

As a club, we are delighted to welcome Tim and Helen Kennedy as regular Helpers.  Tim is due to complete his Instructor Part 1 Course in June and will become an invaluable addition to our teaching team.  Helen has volunteered to help teach the Tiger Cubs, for which I'm also extremely grateful.  Although she will not be able to complete her formal instructor training until she gains her black belt, she will be completing an informal teaching course with me and will act as an assistant instructor for the time being.  Helen is also something of a Tae Kwon-do Theory Guru!  She has very kindly offered to run some theory classes running up to gradings, for which I'm sure some of the Tiger parents will be most grateful!

We have also formed the Daventry Tigers Committee, opened a separate bank account for funds run by the Committee and had our first meeting.  The minutes of this meeting will be available on the 'Need to Know' page as file.

Not long now to the Daventry Ambush Event, which is going to be fantastic!  More news on that front soon!

January Stars

It's been a busy and successful start to 2017.  Beginning with our best ever Midlands Champs, the group who went to compete in Kettering had a super day.  Taylor Ridley set the ball rolling by winning silver in the Girls' Yellow Belt Patterns.  Josh Bull, Kobi Covill and junior instructor, William O'Toole all reached the final round of their respective patterns competitions - sadly all just missing out on trophies, but all finishing in the top 6 of their competitions - brilliant!

Then came the sparring and the trophies and medals started coming thick and fast.  Nicole Archer got bronze in the Girl's Greenbelt Lightweight division, Josh Bull took silver in the Boys' Greenbelt, Jake Wadey and William O'Toole took silver in the Lightweight Tag Team event,  Luca Smalls and Charlie George took bronze in the Boys' Peewee and Nicole again took bronze in the Girls' Lightweight.  It was a super event for the Tigers and bodes well for the coming year.  Here are some of the starts showing off their bling at the end of a joint class with Master White's students.

Several Tigers then went to Southam to grade alongside students from Master White's Classes, Master Line's Classes and Mr Sandhu's Class.  They all did magnificently well, many adding to their tally of A* and A grades.  Nicole made it 5 A* grades in a row.  Taylor gained her Tiger Trophy and Lauren Hughes and Alice Foster continued their run of straight A* grades, making it two each.  It was a strong grading for all the Tigers who went.  A well deserved A grade for Austin puts him one away from a Tiger trophy.  Congrats also go to Junior Instructors William O'Toole, who gained an A grade on his red belt grading and to Sam Green who achieved an A grade on his black tag grading (a fantastic result!).

There are lots of new developments currently underway within the Daventry Tigers Club and it's great to see that we're continuing to push towards full capacity.  We are now running a waiting list for the Wednesday class and for Tiger Cubs.  There are only a few places left in the Friday class as well.  It's a very exciting time to be a part of this Club.  More news soon!

New Year News 2017

December came and went. Another fantastic Tigers Christmas Party appeared to be enjoyed by everyone who came along.  It was so manic with all the children that it actually appeared impossible to have organised games this year, but that didn't appear to stop a good time begin had by all.  

There were some funny moments and some impressive bounces on the total wipeout style attraction and Elliot Smith's close up card magic left many of the children baffled.  

It was also great to be able to recognise some of the best performers of last year. They all now feature on our Hall of Fame page.   There were many more Tigers who probably deserved to win something, but if everyone won trophies every time, they wouldn't be worth winning.  Hopefully there will be many more new faces recognised at the 2017 Christmas Party... which is already booked!

There seems to be a steady stream of new Tigers joining us, which is fantastic.  On the other hand, some now move up to Master White's Classes.  We wish the following three particular good wishes as they progress to train with the adults: Sam Morgan, Jake Wadey and Alex Jackson.  Alex has been with us since the day we opened in 2012, so he will leave a very Alex-shaped hole in class!  However, I feel sure that all with thrive and I look forward to seeing them all moving forward to black belt in due course.  

Here are a few more of my images from the Tigers Christmas Party.


British Champs - 20th November 2016

Well done to all who competed at the British Champs in Derby this year.  Although it was a bit of a disappointing day for results, with several of you showing nervous performances, I was still very proud of all who took part.  You were a credit to the Club.  A huge 'well done' to Joshua Bull for making it through to the semi-finals of the yellow belt sparring event.  You nearly made the final this time, Josh - to lose 7-6 was frustratingly close to a step up from a bronze finishing position, but a well deserved trophy nonetheless.  I have a feeling it's just a matter of time before you trade that in for gold.

Well done also to Joshua Briggs and Alex Bot who made their big competition debuts.  Great first efforts, boys.  I thought you did really well.

Grading 16th November 2016

Many congratulations to all who took their gradings this time round.  Again, Grand Master Oliver did a very good job of picking out the best of the performances on the day and I felt was very fair with his marking.  The standard overall was high.  There were some nervous performances, especially from some of the little ones, but you all passed comfortably and can relax for a while before we start building you up for the next step.

Particular congratulations to the Best in Grading: Lauren Hughes - superb!  Also, outstanding A* performances came Alice Foster, Nicole Archer, Austin Beeson, Mia Burndred, Eve Morgan and Taylor Ridley. 

There were some excellent A grade performances as well.  Again, particular congratulations to Joshua Briggs who made it 3 in a row and gained his Tiger Trophy.  Well done, Amelia Fry for extending her run to 2 in a row.  Also, back into the A grades: Joshua Bull, Niamh Disley and Rudi Ibbotson (who has had 3 out of 4, but not managed 3 in a row yet). 

A particularly pleasing A grade from Kobi Covill who has demonstrated outstanding perseverance, trying his heart out at every grading, but who finally broke through to A grade standard after 6 Bs in a row - that really takes some doing!  I can't begin to describe how proud of that performance I was.

Also, excellent A grade performances Jocelyn Turner (only 4 years old!) Eloise Smith, Alex Bot and Jack O'Toole.  There are 3 stragglers left to grade due to illness.  I will post those results later.

North Midlands Champs - Derby, 30th Oct 16

Well done to the Tigers who took part in the North Midlands Championships today.  I thought everyone competed well and although there were some disappointments, you all made me proud to be your instructor by the manner in which you conducted yourselves at this event.  There were some nerves that cost vital points.  There was some 'luck of the draw' that didn't favour our competitors, and some restrictions on the competition that were unexpected and off-putting, but the Tigers kept smiling and doing their best, which is what competitions are all about.

Congratulations to Nicole Archer for making yet another patterns final, particularly as she was not allowed to perform the pattern she had prepared for this event.  Congratulations also to Jack O'Toole for winning his first sparring bout and getting through to the quarter finals of the boys' green/yellow belt <122cm division.  A good quarter final performance as well, tying the bout only to lose on the "sudden death" play off for a place in the semi's and a guaranteed bronze medal. A super performance, Jack - well done.

Taylor Ridley displayed real indomitable spirit during the day, having a momentary nervous lapse in the patterns event that cost her a place in the final, she was clearly gutted.  To then go on and find herself rather outclassed by the eventual winner of the girls Peewee sparring event in the first round must have added to the disappointment.  Still she showed no hint of giving up - sitting back and waiting right into the afternoon to have a go at the tag team as well.  It was not Taylor's day in any of the events, but with such commitment and I foresee a lot of medals and trophies in Taylor's future. 

Huge congratulations go to Junior Instructor, William O'Toole, though.  Winning his first gold medal in a regional sparring tournament against some really tough competition, he really excelled.  After being Tiger of the Year last year and moving up to Master White's class, he really has gone from strength to strength.  First Midlands Patterns Champion and now North Midlands Sparring Champion.  2016 has been a great year for him.

Daventry District Sports Awards 2016
20th Oct

What can I say?  A invitation to display at the Daventry District Sports Awards - only time for 2 rehearsals and the Tigers and Junior Instructors who performed absolutely smashed it!  You all looked fantastic and I couldn't have been more proud to be a Tigers Instructor. 

This was perhaps the most important showcase event we've done since opening the club in 2012 and there is no doubt that the Daventry Tigers made a lasting impression on all the people in that room.  The number of people who came up to Robson and after the formal presentations had been completed and asked us to pass on congratulations to the Tigers was amazing.  They almost had to form a queue! 

And an added bonus - we won the award for Community Club of the Year!  This certificate came with a lovely crystal trophy - and we all know how much Tigers like trophies!

All of the display groups were amazing.  Robson filmed all the different groups doing their bits for the display and has posted them all on Facebook for you to watch.  You can see just how good they all were by taking a look at The Daventry Tigers Facebook Page.

Master White was a great sport on the night, allowing Miss Free to kick him in the stomach - one clip of video that you won't want to miss! 

Last, but definitely not least, congratulations again to Mabelle Gwilliam for in the Young Sportswoman of the Year Category.  It's the second year running that she has just missed out on winning that Award, but it's always a tough category and this year was no different. 

16th Oct World Record Holders!

Well done to the group of Daventry Tigers who went to Coventry to take part in the World Record Attempt for the biggest ever Taekwon-do display.  You were all fantastic!  It really was quite special to be a part of such a mass of people all doing Taekwon-do together - 939 to be precise!  It's great to have so many World Record Holders in our Club.

A particular thank you to all the parents who stepped in to make the record actually happen.  With a couple of hundred martial artists stuck in coaches on the motorway, there were not enough students in uniform to break the record, so people from the audience were pulled in to take part.  The Tigers parents were fantastic and very much got into the spirit of the day!

I expect to see a flood of parents knocking on Master White's door now to start following in their ' footsteps!

1st Oct 16 - Champions!

Huge congratulations to the two Daventry Tigers teams who took part in the Clash of the Clubs tag team sparring competition today.  The girls came home undefeated and champions of their division, while the boys won 3 matches, drew 1 and lost 1 - finishing second in their division.  I was mightily impressed with the way everyone fought and extremely proud to see Daventry Tigers sparring so well.  A massive well to all of you.

Mrs Robson has been very industrious these last couple of days and has created a Daventry Tigers Facebook Page, where we will post up Tigers of the Week and Tigers of the Month in future.  This news page will be used more for competition results and major events.  The Facebook page will allow us to post up our star Tigers much more readily and should be easier to keep up to date. 

September Catch Up!

Summer holidays are over - back to training with a vengeance now!  It was great to see a good number of you to come along to Tigers during the Summer Holidays this year.  For those who were away - welcome back.  

Some catch-up news: Nicole Archer and Taylor Ridley to Guildford in Surrey last week to represent Daventry Tigers in the South East Regional Champs.  I'm delighted to say that both did really well and had a super competition.  Taylor and Nicole both reached the final round of the yellow belt patterns but frustratingly finished just outside the medal positions. However, in her first attempt at sparring, Nicole was narrowly beaten 4:2 in the semi-final of the yellow belt peewee sparring, bringing back a bronze medal.  Well done to both girls on a great effort.

There have been lots of super performances over the Summer.  Well done to our Tigers of the Month for August: Kobi Covill, Eloise Smith, Charlie George and .....   Tigers of the Month for September Nicole Archer, Hattie McGurk and Charlie Chettle.  Great to see!  Lots of great Tigers of the Week to celebrate as well.  Pictures will follow shortly.

Lots of events to get involved with during the Christmas Term.  Battle of the Clubs, Tag Team Sparring Tournament on 1st October - see the Events page for more information.  World Record Taekwondo attempt - again see the Events page.  The next grading will be on Weds 16th November - see the Need to Know page.  British Championships in Derby, late November - more information to follow.  Three times World Champion, Cassie Oury will be visiting - more information to follow.  Tigers Christmas Party on Friday 2nd December.  It's going to be busy, busy, busy!

23rd July 2016 - Another World Champs Medal!

What a great night for Nicole Archer!  Her third straight A* at her yellow belt - green tag grading, and a special presentation by World Master White of her belated World Championship Bronze medal.  I'm guessing it will be a while before that smile disappears from her face!  It was a shame that there was a mistake on her square at the Championship that meant she missed out on the experience of standing on the winners podium at the Barclaycard Arena, but having thought she'd finished 4th, just outside of the medals, I'd say our makeshift ceremony left her pretty happy.

There was also an A* for Taylor Ridley, who had a superb grading and looks very much as if she is going to be another star of the and a first A grade for Charlie George.  Given his strong performance, I'd say there's a good chance of more success to come for him as well.  Well done to all those who graded at Southam this week.  You really set the standard for the grading and I was extremely proud of how you all performed.

Lots of "well " too for all who have won medals this month, and to our Tigers of the Month, Claud , George Summerskill (Tiger Cubs), Neve Disley (Weds Advanced) and "Famous" Szymon Woynarowicz (Friday Advanced).  We really have hit a purple patch with Tigers at the moment.  Everyone is doing well and improving fast.  There is no doubt in my mind that Daventry Tigers is one of the best children's clubs of any description in our area, so let's keep up the hard work and keep it growing.  Having opened the Advanced Weds Class, there is plenty of space for new students right now, so do invite your friends along and share the fun!

WAITROSE - will be collecting green tokens for Daventry Tigers in August.  Please do pop in there whenever you get a chance and slip a few green tokens in for us.  The more tokens, the more money we get and the more Tigers can help fund your child's activities within our Club.

some of our recent Tigers of the Week and Tigers of the Month - keep up the hard work, boys girls!

Szymon Woynarowicz

Mia Burndred

Nicole Archer

Alexander Cartwright

Alex Bot

Jocelyn Turner

Lola Rose Olive
Luca Smalls

Jessica Easom

Joshua Briggs

17th July - World Championships
Sponsored by System M

Fifteen children from Daventry Tigers (including 2 of the junior instructors) to Birmingham yesterday to compete in the 11th Tae Kwon-do International Open World Championships.  Teams from the USA, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, France, Germany, the Netherlands and many, many more countries battled it out with the best the UK could offer for this year's World Championship titles.  I am delighted to say that every Tiger we sent competed admirably, all finishing in the top half of their respective fields in the patterns events, and all competing well in the sparring.

The Daventry Team were:

Mabelle Gwilliam
William O'Toole
Kobi Covill
Leo Gwilliam
Luca Smalls
Charlie Wilson
Alexander Cartwright
Mia Burndred
Nicole Archer
Joshua Bull
Rudi Ibbotson
Max Adkins
Jack O'Toole

Mabelle took silver in the black belt patterns event, adding a very impressive medal to her collection, while Joshua Bull did his best to start catching her up by winning bronze medals in both the yellow belt patterns division and the peewee class sparring division!  He was beaten in the semi-final by a tough little fighter from Poland who went on to win gold.  Great effort, Josh!

Mia Burndred and Nicole Archer both got through to the final stages of the yellow belt patterns, but finished frustratingly just outside the medal placings.  I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of all the Tigers who competed.  They all performed really well on the day and everyone scored well.  There was no doubting that the standard of from our club was well above the average!  Well done to everyone who took part - you can all be very proud of your efforts.

There were lots of happy faces at the competition.  I hope everyone enjoyed competing.  I certainly enjoyed watching you all.  Thanks so much again to System M for sponsoring our team.  We would never have been able to send so many children to enjoy this amazing experience without your help.


June 16

Here we go again with another bumper update!  Lots going on through May and June this year and a lot more to come.  Following up on the grading results in May, many congratulations to the three students who gained A* passes: Mia Burndred, Nicole Archer (who made it 2 in a row) and Woynarowicz (who became only our second Tiger to ever get 4 A*s in a row).  Mia and Sam Morgan achieved their Tiger trophies - Mia with an A and two A*s and Sam with straight As.  Very well done.

The other students who gained A grade passes were: Amelia Fry, Mae Burndred, Joshua Briggs, Nathan Metcalfe-Sheppard, Corey Disley and Luca Smalls. Well done to all of you.

A huge thank you to System M, who sponsoring the Daventry Tigers World Championship Team who are going to be competing in next month's Tae Kwon-do International Open World Champs in the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham next month.  Once we have got the last of the special suits through, I will be posting up a picture of our wannabe world champions in all their gear.

Having split the Wednesday class and opened Advanced Tigers on a Wednesday as well as Friday, we have nice sized groups in all the lessons at the moment, with plenty of room for expansion again.  Expect new faces over the coming everyone and let's continue to grow our fantastic club.

Well done also to all of our recent Tigers of the Week and to our Tigers of the Month, Taylor-Rhian Ridley and Luca Smalls.  Here's a bunch of pictures of those who have performed particularly well recently, including our junior instructor, Mabelle Gwilliam, who gave some of the advanced students a lesson in sparring that I doubt they will ever forget - I


And there's more!


May 16

Congratulations to all those who took their gradings last week.  It was a super effort with another really solid set of results.  There will be some new faces appearing in the Hall of Fame shortly.  Particular congratulations to Mia Burndred for winning the Best in Grading Award.  I will post more on the results after I've handed out the belts.

April 16

Well, it's been another very eventful month at Daventry Tigers.  This month has seen our first student through Tigers and gain a 1st Degree black belt.  I don't think there was ever any doubt that Mabelle Gwilliam would impress at her black belt grading, but it was still a pleasure for me to see her perform to such a high standard in front of the panel of Masters.  Huge congratulations to her and I'm sure that parents of other children will join me in thanking her for being such a great role model for the rest of the children in DaventryTigers.

I was also successful in moving up a grade, gaining my 3rd Degree black belt this month.  This doesn't really gain the Club anything, but I feel it is part of my position as instructor to demonstrate to the Tigers that I'm still willing to put myself through the stress of taking the exams and progressing.  Few of us like taking exams, but qualifications never hurt and being able to list holding a black belt in a martial art on your CV is a particularly good one to have, as it demonstrates an ability to commit to something for a considerable amount of time.  The Tigers are perhaps too young to appreciate this right now, but I'm sure the Tiger parents will understand the significance of it.

Training our team for the TI Open World Championships got underway this month.  I'm hoping that the extra sessions in the dance studio will pay dividends both at the competition and in the upcoming grading.  I'm looking forward to showing Grand Master Oliver what a strong team we're putting forwards.  More on this soon.

The star performances over the past month have been numerous and as always we have some pictures of many of our star Tigers to share.  Here's a gallery of some of our Tiger of the Week winners.  Many congratulations to our Tigers of the Month for April: Archie Long and Solomon Savage, to our Tiger Cub of the Month, the amazing Matilda McGurk (youngest ever winner of Tiger Cub of the month - still only 3 years old!), and to our Advanced Tiger of the Month, Woynarowicz.

Tigers of the Week Jocelyn Turner, Finley Turner, Max Adkins, Billy Sharp, Harry Crask, Corey Disley, Amelia Richardson, Oliver Bradley, Rudi Ibbotson, Luca Smalls, William Taylor, and Patrick O'Hagan.


Easter Update

It's been a mad month for me - hence no updates for a while. Here are some of the highlights. 

we had the visit by World Master Annabel Murcott.  Fantastic fun and lots of new things to consider and games to play.  I will be getting a boom box and appropriate music as a result. 

She did some great things in the lessons she took with the two groups and I certainly learned a lot from her visit. 

I will start planning another visiting instructor soon.


World Book Day week ran straight into my crazy trip to China, all with no voice.  It was not the easiest spell I've had with or Tigers for that matter.  The Junior Instructors certainly had their work cut out while I couldn't shout, but as always they have been brilliant.

There were no medal winners at the English Champs, but lots of good experience was gained by those who took part.  Now we will start building on that experience and begin preparations for the Tae Kwon-do International Open World Champs in July.  Well done to all those who went to Worcester.  I was very proud of you all.

Tigers of the Month this month for Tigers were: Amelia Fry and Josh Briggs.

Last month's Tiger of the Month, Tia Mae Jose, now leaves us to move to Cornwall.  We wish her all the best for the future and hope she gets on well in her new school and new Tigers Club.

Advanced Tiger of the Month - Charlie Wilson.

Well done to Woynarowicz, who has managed to be picked as Tiger of the Week by no less than 3 different instructors recently.  Both Master White and Kent were very impressed her fantastic stances and focus.  Looking good

Here's a little gallery of some of our other recent Tigers of the Week in no particular order:  Matilda McGurk, Lola Rose Olive, Nicole Archer, Jocelyn Turner, Leo Gwilliam, Amelia Richardson, Patrick O'Hagan, Jake , Archie Long, Tiago Coelho, Harry Crask, Jack O'Toole, Matthew , Alexander Cartwright, Josh Bull, Louis Burndred, Aidan Jinks, Nathan Sheppard and Billy Sharp.  Well done to all of you.  If I've missed anyone out, I .


Southam Grading Stars

Busy news week!  Here's the group of brave souls who ventured to Southam last week and took their gradings.  Missing from the picture is Billy Sharp, who arrived seconds later, but too late to get the photo - sorry, Billy!  It was a great night with strong performances all round. 

Particular congratulations to Nicole Archer, who won 'Best in Grading' when a fantastic A* grade.  Also outstanding were: Tristan Sandhu, Lola-Rose Olive, Tia-Mae Jose, Joshua Briggs and Rudi Ibbotson, who all gained A grades.  For Rudi and Lola-Rose, this took them to double A's - one more for a trophy!

Congrats also to Tigers of the Week, Archie Long Theo Roby. 

Great effort from both of you this week.  Keep up the hard work, boys.

Please do look at the EVENTS page for information about our upcoming visit from World Master Annabel Murcott.  Also, if anyone wants to enter the English Champs, in Worcester Arena on 13th March, please let me know ASAP.  Thanks.

Midlands Champion!

Huge congratulations William O'Toole on becoming the first Daventry Tiger (OK, so he recently moved up to Master White's Class, but I'll overlook that for the moment) to bring home a regional title - Midlands green belt patterns champion.  He also brought home a trophy for third place in the boy's lightweight sparring.  It's been a stunning week for William, as he also passed his blue belt grading with an impressive A grade.

For anyone wondering why he entered in the green belt category, rather than blue, you compete at the belt level you were on the closing date for entries to the competition - at which point William was still a blue tag.

First time in a competition can be overwhelming for some, but little Jack O'Toole looks set to follow in his older brother's competitive footsteps. 

I was delighted to see him perform a very creditable pattern in the yellow belt division, as did Neve Disley in the yellow belt, and Alexander Cartwright in the green belt. 

With over 700 competitors in the hall, along with a similar number of spectators and all the judges, even the regional competitions are daunting, so well done to all who took part.  It was a good experience builder for all of you.


Alexander Cartwright becomes our first ever Advanced Tiger of the Month.
Well done also to our Tiger of the Week Wednesday last week - Finley Turner.  Great effort from you, Finley.

I hope to see you wearing the medal again lots of times in the future.


Friday's Tiger of the Week awards went to Sam Morgan and Charlie George.

Also, a gigantic well to our new Tigers of the Month - Tia Mae Jose and Charlie George.  Both worked extremely hard in January. 


Where did last year go?  I really don't know.  But here we are already approaching the end of January and the Tigers have been roaring with fine voices this month. 

My choice for Tiger of the Month this month is Nicole Archer, who has been like crazy and is looking very good for her grading this week.

Tiger Cub of the month is Iddins, who has been consistently good in class, too.

I am determined to keep Tigers fun and try to mix the classes up a bit this year to make the lessons a bit less repetitive, but I am limited with the white belts, as they need to learn the basics before I can progress them on to more interesting techniques.

  Tigers of the Week have come thick and fast.  Many congrats in no particular order Benjamin Newlands, Joshua Briggs, Natan Swiderski, Hattie McGurk, Neve Disley, Harry Crask, Alex Bot, Lola Rose Olive, Amelia Fry, George Fry and last, but not least, Rudi Ibbotson.  All of you have performed particularly well in class.  Well done!

There will be some special lessons coming up soon with some guest instructors.  More on this shortly. 

In the meantime, good luck to all those grading in Southam tomorrow, and to those who are competing at the Midlands Champs on Sunday.  I'm sure you will all do really well. 

Here are the rest of the pictures of our recent stars.