September 4th

Catch up time again!  Having been away for the last 3 weeks on holiday, it's great to be back and to find out that the Tigers have had some super sessions while we've been soaking up the sun!  Mr Kent and Mr Sandhu both reported having fun with you all while Mrs Robson and I were away, and it sounds as if there were some very good performances from some of you in the sessions. 

Well done to those who have been recognised by the visiting instructors.  Mr Kent passed me photos of Nigel Morgan, Eve Worthington and Tess Whittaker - brilliant to see.  

With taster sessions running next week, the first dedicated sparring lessons also next week, Tiger Cubs starting the week after and upcoming Club Tournament and Gradings next month, there is lots to look forwards to this autumn.  I hope very much that you will all give your best to making these things a success and that you will enjoy progressing your skills during the next few weeks and months.

August 9th

A great week for the younger Tigers this week.  Our two Tigers of the week, Kobi and Luke concentrated so well and worked so hard that it was impossible for me to give the medals to anyone else.  Unfortunately all the photos I took of Luke were blurred - don't know why.  Here's one anyway!

Great performances again from many of the Tigers though - in particular Nigel Morgan, who is coming on in leaps and bounds.

Next week's lessons will be with 'superman' Mr Wayne Kent.  Have fun for the rest of the month, but not too much fun!  Mrs Robson and I will be back for the start of September and we'll begin concentrating on preparing you all for the club tournament and grading at the end of October.

Lots of newcomers will begin in September and the induction days on 11th and 13th September are looking busy already!

July Wrap-up and into August

Summer time - and the Tigers keep coming!  Lots of children were away the first week of the holidays, but that didn't stop those still around from having fun.  We've been working hard on our 3 step sparring this past week or two, and it was Tiger of the Month time again last week.  

Congratulations to our new Tiger of the Month, Erin King (Fridays) and joint Tigers of the Week, Kes Bryce and Luke Bennett.  Erin worked consistently hard this month and really deserved the purple belt of power - well done, Erin!

Wednesday's Tiger of the Month is another deserving winner - Rhiannon Bell, who has had a fantastic last few weeks.  She was Tiger of the Week twice in quick succession and gained an 'A' grade on her yellow tag exam - brilliant.  She's pictured with our Tiger of the Week, Harrison Mailey, who had a superb session.  Great effort, both of you.

Finally, well done to Abigail Faulkner for starting August with a fantastic performance.  Looking really sharp, Abi - I'll be looking for you to be a mentor for one of the younger students starting in September as we begin the run up to the next grading!  

Waitrose Community Donation

I've just heard from Waitrose that Daventry Tigers will receive £433 from the Community Project Collection.  Thanks very much to everyone that supported us by putting their green tokens in the boxes.  That's a fantastic amount of money.  Some has already been spent on sending the team to the World Championships, but there will be over £300 left to enable others to compete in regional and national competitions for some time to come.

Many thanks also to Dawn Notley for encouraging me to apply!

July 2013 - Update

The TAGB Open World Championships

Wow, what a month it's been!  This was what the Skydome in Coventry looks like when it's packed with competitors and spectators - 4000 of them!  

The six children who competed at the 10th TAGB Open World Championships were amazing!  OK, so they didn't bring home medals this time, but it wasn't for lack of trying.  They can all be very proud that they were very much in contention throughout, beating children from many other countries.  All six looked world class, and represented Daventry and England very well indeed.

Unfortunately we never managed to get all six together at the same time, but here's Ava, Jonas, Timothy, Max and Bethan after completing their competitions.  They look happy enough to have won gold, and so they should!  They were all brilliant.  

Bethan had marginally the best score this time, beating Megan by 0.1 of a mark, with Ava just a fraction of a mark behind.  To put their scores in perspective, Bethan was only 0.2 of a mark from getting into a medal winning position.  Here's Megan starting out on her pattern in front of the panel of judges.

Friend of Daventry Tigers, Nicola Line, who did a guest appearance to teach earlier in the year retained all three of her World Titles and gained a bronze in the tag-team sparring event.  Also, Cassie Oury, who will be visiting later this year won gold in the musical patterns event.

Just as we were leaving, Timothy and Jonas had the great fortune to meet a legend of Tae Kwon-do - Grand Master CK Choi (9th Degree Black belt and the first ever Sparring Champion in Korea back when the sport first began.)  We tried to get the boys to put down their hot dogs before having this photo taken (Will add photo later), but the Grand Master insisted that they hang on to them - it seems he has a cheeky sense of humour!

With all the extra sessions for the competitors and that pesky thing called work that sometimes gets in the way of my fun times with you Tigers, I've got behind again with the regular club news updates on our current star Tigers and great weekly performances.  So here I am playing catch up again! 

  Here are our four star Tigers who graded at the end of last month, Mabelle Gwilliam - A** grade again (!), Ethan Robinson - A grade, Rhiannon Bell - A grade and William O'Toole - A grade.

Ethan becomes our first boy to gain a Triple A Tiger trophy, joining Megan Free and Ava Kempson, whilst I had to buy a special trophy for Mabelle who achieved the astonishing record of getting three A** grades in a row!

Here's our joint Tigers of the Week from the other week, Rhiannon Bell (again!) she's been brilliant recently and Max Notley, who was on one of his focused sessions.  If I could get "focused Max" every week, then he could be a champion before too long.  Take note, Max - you've got the ability to be brilliant, but you need to concentrate at all of the sessions, or you'll never reach the top.

Iris Banner is just getting better and better.  Fantastic stances, loads of hard work and a great attitude to learning.  I think she's going to be a bit of a dark horse come the club tournament later in the year.  The regular competitors are going to have to watch out if they're going to beat her in the patterns event!

I don't have a picture of Alex Daniel that I can post here, but as a recent Tiger of the Week, I'm not going to neglect to mention him.  Despite the language barrier we face with his very limited English, he is doing brilliantly and will certainly be one to watch at the next grading later in the year.

I could probably choose Mabelle Gwilliam as Tiger of the Week every week and nobody would question the choice.  She is always focused, always doing her best and always looking fantastic with her techniques.  Because she is in the spotlight in other ways so frequently she often gets passed over, so I think it fitting that all of the staff agreed this week that there was no other choice.  Well done, Mabelle.  We all think the world of you... and hopefully the rest of the world is going to discover just how good you are in the not too distant future.

6th July 2013

Another super week for Daventry Tigers.  Four Tigers graded at Solihull on Thursday and really flew the flag for Daventry in style.  All four got A grades and above!  Brilliant results, which have resulted in my having to buy more trophies.  The awards will be handed out on Wednesday - more on that next week.

Our Tigers of the Week for this week were Rhiannon Bell on Wednesday and Josh McIntyre on Friday - Rhiannon followed up with and A grade in her exam on the Thursday night, so quite a week for her - well done to both of you.

There were a good crowd of Tigers at the Falconers Hill Summer Fete today and we certainly made an impression with the display of patterns, three step sparring, breaking, dodgeball and the bridges and logs challenge.  Great stuff, Tigers.  Thanks to all those who came along - you were all great out there.

Next week we will be very focused on giving our team of competitors the best chance we can at the World Champs next weekend.  There will be several extra sessions of training for them and I'm looking forwards to seeing them show everyone their skills at Coventry on Saturday morning.  Good luck to all those participating.

28th June 2013

More fun and games this week at Tigers.  Another fun session on Wednesday with the team challenges being very even - so much so that I couldn't pick a winner.  I think we'll have a lot of fun with the four groups over the coming months, and hopefully we can build a sense of rivalry and competition between the various teams.

Wednesday's Tiger of the Week was Timothy, who worked really hard throughout.  He gets a bit of a rough time when it comes to awards really, as we generally pick others ahead of him.  Being the son of the instructors definitely has down sides!  However, he earned the medal this week, so well done Tim!

Tiger of the Month for Fridays is Inaci Atkinson, who has worked really well this month, and Jessica Bigrave picked up the medal for Tiger of the Week.  Strangely, both of them had been in the wars, having taken blows to the face during the day - Inaci more obviously than Jessica!  Brilliant effort both of you!

Next week will see four Tigers grade again, so good luck to them.  And also, the Tigers will be displaying at the Falconers Hill Summer Fete, so do come along and support this if you can.  Have a great week everyone and good luck to Laura Robson (great name!) and Andy Murray.

Finally, don't forget that the Waitrose Community Support for Tigers starts next week, so do put your tokens in the Tigers box!

21st June 2013

A big thank you to Master White for helping out with Tigers on Wednesday this week.  It was great to have his expertise on hand to teach some of you some basics on sparring and to take the green tags a little further through pattern Do San.  He picked out Megan Free as Tiger of the Week - well done again Megan!  It's nice to see that it's not just the regular instructors who think you're good!

Friday saw the first real use of the new Tiger groups.  All of the four groups seemed to work very well together.  Thanks William for balancing up the numbers for us by switching groups for the evening and well done Bengal Tigers for putting in the hardest working performance.  I think everyone enjoyed the session - I know I did!  Be ready for more sessions like that through the summer.

A reminder about the Falconers Hill Summer Fete on 6th July.  Any Tigers who can come along and support will be most welcome.  We will be showing off our skills to the public by doing some patterns, line work, three step sparring and possibly some breaking as well.  And Mrs Robson seems to think she's going to kick me on the head!  That remains to be seen!!

16th June 2013

Another great couple of weeks everyone.  Well done!  Some super performances all round.  Some of you are already beginning to get to grips with your new patterns and there have been some outstanding performances both in class and in competition.  

Five Tigers went to Kettering today to compete in the Midlands Championships.  This was a much larger competition than in recent years, with approximately 750 competitors entered across the various grades.  People traveled in from vast distances to compete, many clearly using it as a warm up for the World Championships next month.  As a result the standards were very high.  That said, Jonas Mackay had the best result yet by a Daventry Tiger, finishing 4th (frustratingly just outside the medals) in the yellow belt patterns competition which was a superb effort.  All of those who entered did really well and they can be very pleased with their efforts - I was certainly very proud watching them.

Mrs Robson and Beth Tucker also competed - both acquitting themselves admirably.  Mrs Robson was delighted to finish second in the ladies destruction, managing to break 3 times and setting a personal best.

Little Charlie George had a fantastic session, winning Tiger of the Week and looking like he should be grading shortly.  Alex Jackson won Tiger of the Week, pictured here with our Wednesday Tiger of the Month, Sam Green, picked out by Mr Sandhu during a superb session with lots of visiting instructors - many thanks, Tim, Wayne, Barry and Christine!  

Most recently, new Tiger Eve Worthington, pictured with Friday Tiger of the Month, Ella Faulkner (who's wearing my black belt as I forgot the purple one!) caught the instructors' eyes with a great effort this week.  Well done to all of you for working so hard in class.  Keep it up - great to see.

31st May 2013

What a week it's been!  Another super grading and surprisingly busy half term sessions.  There were inevitably a few disappointments with the results from the grading to go alongside the happy faces.  Everyone did very well and passed comfortably, but some of those hoping to get Triple A Tiger trophies didn't quite manage it.  If I'm honest, I think the examiner marked the yellow belts harder than he had done previously, (as should be the case at the higher grades - it's not supposed to be easy - if it was, I wouldn't be getting you trophies for achieving it!) however, the handful of yellow belts that did achieve A grades were undoubtedly the best performances on the day.  

From my perspective, I did feel Sam Green, Abigail Faulkner, Inaci Atkinson and Max Notley all put in great performances that went seemingly unnoticed, (Frustrating!) but the important thing is that everyone was well up to standard again to move up another grade, so well done to everyone who graded.

There were a few surprise performances and one in particular stood out - that of Harley Banham, who tried his heart out on the day and scored a fantastic A grade.  As a result he won a special award for 'Most Improved Performance'.  The 'Best in Grading' Award again went to Mabelle Gwilliam, who scored a second perfect A** in a row - an astonishing achievement!  

Well done also to our two Tigers of Week this week - Iris Banner and William O'Toole.  Both put in fantastic performances - loads of effort and good techniques.  Brilliant!

Midlands Champs entries must be in this week.  So far we have a team of 5 going.  Any more who want to compete need to contact me ASAP!

22nd May 2013

A big thank you to Mr Kent for helping out with tonight's session.  I was up in Chester handing out prizes and speaking at a children's book quiz, so it was great to have him step in and help out.  I heard good things afterwards about how everyone was doing and was delighted to hear that our Tiger of the Week was Max Barber - well done, Max!  I hope Max Notley wasn't confused like you were last time he won!

Best wishes to all who are grading on Friday.  You're all ready to move up a belt, so just go and show Master Oliver that you're worthy of moving up in style with a really good mark on your grading.  Lots of power, exaggerated moves, solid stances and loud shouts, please.  I'm sure you will all make me very proud again.  

17th May 2013

Well done Erin King!  Great effort tonight and a worthy Tiger of the Week for Friday.  You're ready to become a yellow belt next Friday!  All of the students who are going to be grading are looking more and more confident - you should do - you're all ready.  

Remember everyone, Friday is your chance to show off!  The new belts are yours to claim, you just have to go out there and show the examiner that you know your stuff... and you do.  Big moves, lots of power, loud shouts and if you make a mistake, don't worry.  Just carry on as if it never happened.  The examiner can't watch all of you all the time, and one or two mistakes are not the end of the world.  Do your best - that's all I can ask.

Coming Soon...

Starting immediately after the grading I will be introducing some changes to Tigers.  All new students will do an induction class before joining the main class - I will run one of these every couple of months to allow new students to join in groups, rather than trickle-feeding into the class and getting lost among the hordes!

New Tiger sub-groups.  Everyone will be allocated into one of four groups: The Sabertooth Tigers, The Siberian Tigers, The Caspian Tigers and The Bengal Tigers.  I will give everyone a list next week detailing is in which group and identifying the group leaders.  I will juggle the groups (and leaders) around every so often, so don't panic if you're not with your best friend!

15th May 2013

Super class tonight - well done, Tigers!  Bethan Smith was the star of the evening.  Looking brilliant tonight, Bethan.  Great stances and focus.  I was really impressed.  

Midlands Champs - 16th June.  Anyone interested in competing at the Midlands Championships on Sunday 16th June at the Kettering Leisure Village (The Arena) should let me know ASAP! I have to get the entries to Master Oliver by 1st June, so I will need them in before then.

Entry fees for competitors: £12
Spectator Tickets - £8

All competitors must arrive by 0930.  I will send full details to any student who wishes to enter.

World Champs - 12th-14th July.  All the information you need on prices and how to enter this competition can be found here: http://www.worlds.tkdi.biz/page.php?18

Please indicate to me if you are going to enter and I'll help with the forms etc.  Entries will need to be in by 10th June for this one, so you will need to have a think about it.  I will try to offer some coaching to anyone wanting to enter, but I can't promise too much, as I have a very busy month ahead.

13 May 2013

Still having camera troubles!  The photos that were taken on the new Tigers camera were rubbish!  So, sadly, I won't be putting up the ones of Jonas and Megan, recent Tigers of the Week (Sorry!) - very frustrating!  However, here's a couple of our other Tigers of the Week, Max and Alex, who were both on form recently.  

With the grading just over a week away, I've noticed a distinct improvement in nearly all of the students.  Everyone is practicing hard - well done.  Keep up the hard work for one more week, guys and then we can have some fun and learn some new techniques!

Many congratulations to Ed Rushton, who graded early at Southam last week.  He is now promoted to full yellow belt and will be given his belt and certificate on Wednesday.  He did really well and was a great ambassador for Daventry Tigers.

Don't forget I need all licenses and fees for the Grading in this week, please.  Also, dates for your diary - 

16th June - Midlands Champs. in Kettering.  More details to follow.

6th July - Display at Falconers Hill Infants Summer Fete.  We will be performing at about 12.15pm.  Any Tiger who would like to come along and show off to the public will be welcome!

The Rest of April!

Happy Birthday Tigers!

It's hard to believe that Tigers has been open a whole year, but looking back we have done a huge amount in that time.  I hope very much that this is just the first year of many for the club and I must say that it has been a delight to teach and play games with the children who have come along this year.  Not everyone has stuck it out, but we seem to have a solid core group now that really enjoy the sessions and are improving in leaps and bounds. Happy Birthday Tigers!

Losing my camera earlier in the month was a total pain, so some of the photos we took of our Tigers of the Week and Tigers of the month never made it onto the site this month, for which I am really sorry.  However, hopefully now I have bought a camera specifically for use at Tigers, the normal news service will be resumed.

Mrs Robson and I took our 2nd Degree Black Belt exam this month and both passed *Pats self on back*.  So you can see it's not just the children who have to go through the stress of grading!

This week's star was Max Notley who concentrated much better than I've seen him do in a long time.  Keep that up, please Max!  Other outstanding performances came from Megan Free, who almost literally carried the other yellow belts through the pre-grading exercises on Wednesday - brilliant Megan.  Well done.  Inaci and Tiborko and Natalie and Harrison and ... I could name lots of Tigers who worked really hard again this week.  It was a very good session.

Last Friday it was Jonas Mackay, who was brilliant.  And I mean brilliant.  He's outstanding most weeks, but he blew everyone away on Friday.  He's definitely shaping up to be one of the real stars of the club.

Tigers of the Month for April are Tiborko and Joshua McIntyre, who have both been putting in sterling performances week after week.  Joshua often seems to get overlooked as he's so quiet he blends into the background as one of the grey men sometimes.  But we've been watching, Josh.  You will make a fine Tiger of the Month - you've earned it.

Grading - 24th May - Yes, it's that time again!  I've tried to email the parents of every child this week with a personal report and suggestions for practice over the next 3 weeks.  If I've not emailed you it's most likely because either I've not seen your child in class during the last 2 sessions, or because I've already told you personally that your child is not going to grade this time.  If this is not the case, however, please see me at the next lesson and I'll rectify any omissions.

5 April 2013

It's been another fun couple of weeks at Tigers with lots of new stuff happening and to look forwards to.  With the purchase of club sparring gear last week, now everyone at yellow belt level will get a chance to get a taster of free sparring.  Please, those of you who are not confident about this (including the parents!) DON'T PANIC!  The children will only be doing drills to start with and when they do start point sparring, everything will be kept very light and highly supervised.  I don't want anyone getting hurt.  This is supposed to be fun.

There have again been some great performances from some of the Tigers over the past couple of weeks.  We need to step up the practice levels a touch now as the grading looms towards the end of next month.  Do look on the lessons page at those bits that apply to your grade level.  I will try to put up a piece about 3 Step Sparring this week for the yellow belts.  All that is needed for the white belt and yellow tags is already there.

Well done to our two new Tigers of the Month: Iris Banner and Nigel Morgan - who's been away so far this month, so hasn't yet received the belt and trophy.  And a big well done to those winners of the Tiger of the Week medal: Ella and Abigail Faulkner - a bit of sisterly rivalry going on there maybe?  And to 

Tigers will be NOT be open 3rd April

27 Mar 2013

Sorry for the long delay in updating this page.  I've had a crazy month of work, running round the country like a mad thing!  Pictures will have to follow as my computer's playing up.  During that time the Tigers have been busy, and I'm pleased to see that the general standard of Tae Kwon-do in classes is continuing to rise.  

The team who entered the English Championships on Sunday represented Daventry Tigers brilliantly.  Both the boys' and girls' yellow belt patterns events were first up on different squares.  There were naturally some nerves and one got lost in her pattern half way through - which happens to the best of us from time to time - but overall the standard demonstrated by the Daventry students was very high.  

Two of our students: Megan Free and Jonas Mackay, made it through to the final six in their respective competitions and went on to perform their patterns again in front of a bigger panel of judges to decide the medals.  Unfortunately, neither finished in the top three, but to be selected from a huge field of competitors to make the final six in their first National level tournament was a fantastic achievement.  A massive well done to everyone who competed.  We are very proud of you.

In classes during the past few weeks, Tigers of the Week have included: Tiborko Szilagyi, Luke Bennett, Megan Free and Kes Bryce.  Many other Tigers have been performing brilliantly in class as well - too many to list here.  However, the instructors are all becoming increasingly confident that many of you will be more than ready to grade again in May.  There are a few who are still obviously not practising, but as I said in class last week - only those who are ready will be allowed to grade.

The next grading date has been set as Friday 24th May - put it in your diary and start practising, thinking and learning the theory you need now and you will find it easy on the day.

All students who are full yellow belts need to buy a gum shield over the next few weeks - we will be beginning free sparring lessons after Easter!

8 Mar 2013
Lots of excitement at Tigers this week.  The much anticipated visit by Nicola Line on Friday seemed to be a huge hit with the children...  and I think Nicky quite enjoyed herself too!
First: Wednesday.  Lots of good performances again this week, but Sam Green took the medal for another hard-working session.  Everyone seems to be trying hard in the sessions, but it is becoming obvious to me that some of you are not practicing at home and we are having to teach the same things over and over again.  This is probably getting boring for some of you, and it is certainly getting boring for the instructors too.  If you practice a little each week and demonstrate this in the lessons, you will find that we have time to do more interesting things, rather than going over the basics again and again. 
Friday's class was very well attended - 34 Tigers on the floor for Nicky's session.  Thanks to everyone for being so well behaved  and courteous during the session.  You were a credit to the club.  Our Tiger of the Week for Friday was Lewis Edwards, whom Nicky picked out as working particularly hard.  Brilliant again, Lewis.  Well done.   
Another well done to our team of competitors who clearly have been practicing hard.  They are all starting to look really sharp with their patterns now and I'm sure they will represent us very well in the English Champs in a couple of weeks time.  I look forwards to cheering them on.
1 Mar 2013
It's been another great week at Tigers this week.  It's good to see some of you working really hard towards competing at the English Champs later in the month and there seems to be a really good buzz about the sessions at the moment.  Wednesday we were fortunate to have Mr Kent instructing again while Sarah and Beth were away, and there were some very good performances again.  Tiger of the Week went to Ed Rushton for a typically gutsy performance - great to see, Ed.  Keep up the hard work.  Tiger of the Month for Wednesdays was Tess Whittaker, who just keeps on getting better and better.  All that practice is paying off, Tess.  Keep up the hard work.

Friday was another busy session.  We welcomed another new Tiger - Liam, who I'm told did very well working one on one with Mr McGurk for much of the session.  Everyone worked hard during the session and it was good to see some noticeable improvement in some of the newer Tigers.  Well done.  Tiger of the Week was Bethan Smith and Friday Tiger of the Month was Jessica Bigrave, who has performed consistently well throughout February.
We're all looking forwards to seeing Ladies World Sparring Champion, Nicola Line next week.  Remember your courtesy, Tigers.  If you speak with her, be sure to call her Ma'am and bow. Try to be at your sharpest next week - you're on display!
24 Feb 2013
Wednesday this week was another fun night at Tigers.  Max Barber was the star of the evening, putting the rest of the white belts to shame with his excellent concentration and effort levels.  Well done, Max.  You're showing a lot of potential.  
Friday belonged to one of our newer Tigers, Luke Bennett. You worked really hard throughout the session and are really starting to make good progress, Luke - brilliant stuff!  There were lots of other good performances again on Friday.  Well done, Tigers.  That was a really good session.

English Championships
Money for English Championships entries and spectators fees needs to be in ASAP.  I have to get all the entries logged with the TAGB by the end of next week.  Lots of practice now, people.  We want to look good for the competition, so work hard on those techniques.  Especially your stances and trying to get that snap on the end of all your moves.
15 Feb 2013
Three sessions of Tigers to report on this time.  Last Friday our star Tiger was Erin King, who put in a sparkling  performance and was a worthy Tiger of the Week.  All of the newly promoted yellow belts and yellow tags are really getting to grips with their new patterns quickly, which is great to see.  In the face of this, Erin's performance was particularly good.  Well done.
On Wednesday this week we were delighted to welcome back Rhiannon, who has not been for some months due to family circumstances.  She marked her return in style by instantly winning Tiger of the Week for a brilliant effort.  Picked out by one of the new instructors as being particularly sharp, I had no problems agreeing.  She came back having remembered much of what she had been taught last year and looked in a class of her own compared to many of the newer Tigers.  Brilliant effort Rhiannon and welcome back.
This Friday was one of the quietest Fridays we've had in a long time, but there were some great efforts from several Tigers and I could have given the medal to any of them and been happy.  Jessica was brilliant.  Lewis was focused and worked hard throughout.  Tess was intense with concentration.  But my favourite peformance of the night was from Harley, who listened and tried hard for most of the session.  A big improvement, Harley.  Let's see more of that please young man!
Coaching sessions for those entering the English Champs have begun and I expect to see those students working particularly hard in class for the next few weeks.  You should be leading the way for the rest now.
6 Feb
A great session on Wednesday.  It was exciting, sad and momentous for different reasons.  Exciting to see more of you being promoted to new belts and starting to learn new skills.  Sad as we got to say goodbye to William and Marcus as they move up to Master White's Class.  And momentous as we start a new era in Tigers with those first two trail blazers marking the route for Tigers in the future.  It was great to see Marcus and William so excited about their first lesson alongside us in the lines with Master White and I am sure they will continue to enjoy the lessons as they step up the learning curve and get to see just how much there is to learn in tae kwon-do.
William leaves Tigers on a particular high, having not only gained an A* on his grading, but also winning Tiger of the Month for January.  We wish both he and Marcus all the very best for their future training.  Joshua McIntyre was the star of the evening, winning Tiger of the Week for the second time recently.  Well done again Joshua - great to see.
Grading and 1 Feb
Another amazing grading this week.  Well done to everyone who has been promoted to the next belt levels.  I know we make a big thing of striving for high grades at Daventry Tigers, but the reality is that not everyone will achieve the very highest marks.  With such high expectation levels there are bound to be questions asked - why did that student get an A and not me?  In some cases I really can't give a satisfactory answer.  I think a couple were victims of position - where you were in the group and who you were stood next to.  Some were lucky or unlucky - the examiner looked at you just as you did something particularly good or not quite so good.  At the end of the day, everyone achieved very good passes and you all should move forwards wearing your new belts with pride.  You all earned them.
In some clubs A grades are a rare thing at gradings, and A * grades a thing of legend.  When I started this club last year I made a promise to myself that we would foster a desire amongst our students to excel and to achieve their full potential.  To have 100% of you performing in exams at B grade (a C+ is a pass) and above is a dream come true.  For 50% of you to be operating at A grade and above is remarkable by anyone's standards.  However, even with these high standards, one performance on Wednesday cannot pass un-noted.  For someone to score a perfect grading is so rare that it really is the thing of legends and I'm delighted to have seen this one with my own eyes.  Many congratulations to Mabelle Gwilliam for achieving the dizzy heights of getting an A** and winning the new 'Best in Grading' Award so kindly donated by Master Oliver.
Now we move on and look forwards to new challenges.  New things to learn - new skills to master, and hopefully lots of fun to be had.  Well done, Tigers. 
There will bo NO REGULAR TRAINING SESSION WEDNESDAY 30th Jan due to the grading.  Non-grading students will be welcome to come along and support their friends.
23rd & 25th Jan
Wow!  What a great week.  Two busy sessions with some brilliant performances all round.  I am delighted to see how hard most of you have been practising at home.  It is really obvious and I've no doubt that Master Oliver will be impressed by you all on Wednesday. 
My apologies for the confusion over the grading test for the yellow tags.  I had mis-interpreted my instructor's notes on the grading card.  Apparently the abbreviation FSK does not stand for Forward Side Kick.  It stands for Front Snap Kick.  I did think it a bit strange when I was teaching it, as it's a tricky technique to master well.  I watched the grading at Southam on Thursday this week and Master Oliver only asked the students to perform single rising blocks, rather than the low block/rising block combination. That said, the combination is on the grading card, so if he does ask for it, we're all ready.
Particularly notable performances this week came from Iris Banner in the Wednesday session and from both Joshua McIntyre and one of our new Tigers, Hope Ashby on Friday.  Tiger of the Month for Friday goes to Finton Bowerman, who has improved in leaps and bounds this month.  Well done to you all.
I would wish you all good luck in your grading, but you don't need it.  Those new belts are waiting for you on Wednesday.  All you have to do now is show Master Oliver that you have come to claim yours!
A Fun Extra
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Snow Day For Longleat Safari Park Tigers!
Longleat's four Amur Tigers made the most of the snowy conditions during the recent cold spell and were even presented with a snowman to play with specially made by safari park keepers!
16th & 18th Jan
With all the snow this week it felt like we should all be wearing white and black and call ourselves Siberian Tigers!  Two good sessions again this week.  Thanks to those 9 hardy Tigers who braved the snow on Friday - it was great to have the chance to give you all some individual attention and polish you up a bit in time for the grading.  Not long now!  But where on the first grading I was a bit nervous, I am supremely confident in all of you this time.  I feel sure there will be a fantastic set of results as you're all looking great.
Well done to our two Tigers of the week: Ethan Robinson on Wednesday and Tiborko Szilagyi on Friday.  Both of you looked fantastic! 
Yellow tags this week keep practising those side kicks and concentrate on keeping up your hand guard as you kick.  White belts who are grading it should be Sajo Jirugi every day now.  New white belts practise steppping forwards and backwards in a good walking stance.  Go to lesson one on the Lessons page and print it off.  Get your mum or dad to read it through with you and look carefully at the pictures.
Friday 11th Jan
Another fantastic night at Tigers!  Well done to everyone who came along - you all worked really well tonight.  A special well done to Paige Ellis who won the medal for Tiger of the Week.  I don't know why some of the white belts are nervous about grading, because you all looked great in the lines tonight.  I genuinely have no worries about any of you passing.  A couple of the yellow Tags still need to sort out which way to turn in Chon Ji, but the moves you are doing are sharp. Even if you do get confused on the day, don't panic!  Correct yourself and move on.  You will not lose many marks for turning the wrong way if your blocks and punches are sharp.  Keep practising, practising, practising!  Only a couple of weeks to go.
Yellow Tags, you are practising your pattern and doing 10 technical side kicks with each leg every day this week.  I want to see the evidence of those 140 side kicks next week!
White Belts, (grading) you are practising Sajo Jirugi and your mid block/reverse punch combinations.
Whte Belts, (Not grading) you are practising counting to ten in Korean.  It doesn' t matter what you count.  You can do press ups and count.  You can do punches and count.  You can count your peas on your dinner plate!  The numbers and phonetic pronounciations are on the lessons page.  Scroll down and you'll find them.
Have a fun week everyone.  See you next time.  ROOOOAAARRRR!
Wed 9th Jan
With a new record attendance for a Wednesday night (33 Tigers) I have decided to start a waiting list for any new applicants wishing to join Tigers with immediate effect.  Those new beginners who have already arranged to come along to a session, or already attended one will be allowed to join, but until I have got regular additional help arranged to supplement the teaching staff, I think it only fair to limit the numbers from growing any more in order to preserve the teaching standards.  While I'm delighted to see Tigers continue to grow, my aim is to see the children do well and continue the high standard that the first grading group set.
That said, I was generally very pleased with what I saw from the children in the grading group and I'm confident that everyone who is intending to grade will do well at the end of the month.  Don't let up on the practise, though.  We're on course, but not quite there yet. 
It was great to see William Robinson looking very sharp and trying hard throughout this week.  A worthy Tiger of the week.  It was also super to be able to welcome Kyle, Rory and Ernie along for the first time and to welcome back Ella-Faith Muckleberg and Finn Mackay.  We hope to see you more over the coming weeks.
White belts keep practising those combinations: low block/reverse punch and mid block/reverse punch.  Yellow tags work on the low block/rising block combination and your pattern.  Try to make sure you do a little every day between now and the grading.  See you next week. (or Friday!)
4th Jan
It was good to see so many of you along to the session on Friday.  Welcome to the new starters Hope and Luke - we hope to see you again soo n.  I think anyone looking on would agree that the students preparing for their grading at the end of the month are beginning to look really good now.  There were a few nerves from one or two Tigers, but I see no cause for nervousness - you all looked great and on track to do well on 30th Jan.
Tonight's Tiger of the Week was Harry Chittendon, who helped out really well with the new Tigers.  There was a bit of pay back time for him as well, as he realised that students don't always listen to what you tell them to do - remember that next time you're in the lines Harry!  We also acknowledged our Wednesday Tiger of the Month Nicholas Morgan and gave Finton his trophy for becoming the first Tiger to break the red breaking board.
Remember the Tiger Codeword for January is Television.  White belts practise your Sajo Jirugi exercise and your press ups.  Yellow tags practise your pattern (Chon Ji) and your side kicks.  See you next week.
Happy New Year (2nd Jan)
Last Friday's Tiger of the Week was none other than our board breaker extraordinaire, Lewis Edwards, who has clearly been inspried to practise a lot recently.  He's starting to look good for a solid result at the next grading - well done Lewis.
The new Tiger codeword for January is TELEVISION (or TV).  This week, white belt Tigers who hear it must do 5 press ups.  Yellow Tags should try to do the whole of pattern Chon Ji - The more times you run through the pattern in January , the better.
Tonight's Tiger of the Week was Abigail Faulkner, and as the Wednesday Tiger of the month for December wasn't here, I awarded the Friday Tiger of the Month instead.  Ava Kempsen gets the purple belt of power for the next few weeks - a worthy winner who is always quietly hard working and very competent.  Also in the picture is Lewis (again) getting his trophy for being the first Tiger to break the black board.