Christmas News Update
A bumper edition of news this week, as I've been very slack about keeping the website up to date recently - sorry!  To be fair, December has been very busy as ever and I've had limited time, but enough excuses and on to the news.
To start with, I think everyone will agree that the Tigers Christmas  party was a great success.  Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.  Master White was even seen having a go at the bungy run and playing on the little cars!  I have the evidence here!
All the prizes and medal winners will get a mention in the Hall of Fame.  However, I should mention in particular a very special well done to our Tiger of the Year for 2012, Bethan Smith, who is pictured here receiving her trophy from the Current Ladies World Sparring Champion, Nicola Line.
Congratulations also to the two runners up - Kes Bryce and Ethan Robinson as well.  Although they didn't receive trophies, they gained Highly Commended Certificates for all round performance.
Indeed, congratulations to all of our trophy winners: Bethan Smith, Lacey-Mae Ford, Alex Jackson, Tess Whittaker, Ed Rushton, Erin King, Lilo Challenor, Rhiannon Bell, and to Kes for winning the Theory competition  trophy on the day.  Also, a big well done to our bungee challenge champions, Finton Bowerman and Mr Smith (who I suspect is just a teensy bit competitive!)
Well done to Tigers of the Week in December: Finton Bowerman, new Tiger Kian Watson, Sam Green, Timothy and most especially Nicholas Morgan who has become the first Tiger to win the medal two weeks running.  That just shows the rest of you that it can be done!  He becomes our first Christmas Tiger of the Week and has had this special photo done to remember it. If I've missed your name, I apologise and will happily correct any omissions.
Speaking of firsts, they just seem to keep on coming.  It has been a brilliant first eight months for Daventry Tigers and there have been so many notable achievements and performances from different individuals in 2012, but just to finish the year in style, Finton Bowerman and Lewis Edwards managed to raise the bar just a little higher last week, by becoming the first two Tigers to break our intermediate thickness breaking board (red).  Finton will receive a trophy for being the very first in the New Year.  However, not to be outdone, Lewis (in Finton's absense) raised the bar even higher this week by becoming the first Tiger to break our thickest board (black) and will also gain a trophy. What a great way to end this year and start 2013!
May I take this opportunity to wish all of the Tigers and their families a fantastic and most merry Christmas.  I hope to see some of you for our Turkey buster session on the Friday between Christmas and New Year at the normal time of 5pm.  Remember to show off what you know to your relatives over Christmas Tigers, but practise it first to make sure you're at your very best for the performance! 
Christmas Party Xtra
Just a note to say that wearing uniform to the party is optional. Do come in clothes that you can run around in though - best party dresses is pobably not a great idea, girls!
Also, just to confirm that the end of year prizes will be presented by our special guests Master Jackson White and Ladies World Champion Nicola Line.  We're really excited to welcome them both to our party.
Tigers Christmas Party - 9th Dec 2012
After the excitement of the British Championships last weekend, we're all looking forwards to the Tigers Christmas Party next weekend.  The fun will happen between 2pm and 4pm in the Leisure Centre.  Be there!  All of the medals, trophies and certificates from the year will be handed out, fun games will be played, cake will be eaten and bouncy castles will be bounced upon.  It will be great!
It was Tiger of the Month time last week.  Mabelle Gwilliam became our new Tiger of the Month, with Alex Jackson shining on that session, taking Tiger of the Week.  Well done to both of you.  Excellent work.
On the Friday it was Lacey-Mae who took over from Abigail Faulkner as Friday Tiger of the Month.  A brilliant spell from you, Lacey-Mae.  Sorry for my mess up on Friday this week.  Punch me if I do it again!  
Tiger of the Week was taken by Erin King, who worked really hard again.  She has been doing really well recently and all of the staff feel that she could do really well on her grading in January if she continues to work at this rate.  Keep practising and we look forwards to seeing you get that yellow tag belt, Erin.
Inaci Atkinson took Tiger of the Week again with another convincing performance.  Many of the younger Tigers could do with learning from Inaci's attitude.  He always listens well and works hard to do as he's told.  As a result he learns very quickly and has overtaken many of the white belts who have been with us much longer.  
The Tiger Codeword is back!  For December the Codeword is SANDWICHES.  Remember to practise your set homework techniques every time you hear it.
British Champs - Information
The Skydome Arena, Croft Road, Coventry CV1 3AZ
Sunday 25th November 2012
I suggest you meet up in the entrance hall and enter together at about 10am.  Some competitions will be underway by this time, but there will be plenty to see.  Find an area to sit together in the stands and one of the instructors will come and find you as soon as our events/officiating duties allow.
Sarah is officiating and will be inside from 0830.  Mark and Beth are competing and will be inside from 0900.  Tickets will be available on the door for anyone who has not already purchased them through me.
16 Nov 2012
I want that black belt back Abigail!!!It's been another very busy couple of weeks at Daventry Tigers.  We must first say a very big thank you to Mr Wayne Kent for stepping in and taking the classes while I was away in Norway.  He clearly enjoyed working with you as he has indicated that he would like to come again sometime next year and work with you all again.
Congratulations to all those Tigers who have won Tiger of the week during the last couple of weeks. Ella Faulkner, Lacey Mae Ford (again!), Bethan Smith (again!) and especially to Harry Chittenden and Harley Banham who won it on a week when everyone was trying particularly hard.  What did Mr Kent say to you to bring out that performance, Harry?  I'll have to see if I can find out what his secret is.
Special congratulations also go to our new Tigers of the month for October, Abigail Faulkner and Ed Rushton.  You both thoroughly deserve to wear the purple belt of power and to be the first Tigers to take home the new Tiger of the Month trophies.  Look after them, as I'm hoping they will last a few years!
26 Oct 2012
Two weeks in one this time - I've been slacking - sorry!  Tiger of the Week has been hotly contested recently, with some great effort being shown by lots of tigers. 
New boy Joshua McIntyre shows great promise with a fantastic display of concentration last week and Max Notley has had a great spell of improvement, winning Tiger of the Week after two super performances in a row.

Ed Rushton tries hard every week, but his effort was particularly noticed last Wednesday as he really started to get to grips with some of the new techniques for the yellow belt exam in the New Year. 
Well done Ed.  The instructors continue to be impressed by your perseverence and hard work. There are a lot of Tigers who would do well to learn from your attitude.
Last month's Tigers of the Month, Bethan Smith and Lewis Edwards have remained on top form throughout the month, showing the way for the others.  Lewis now hands on the purple belt of power to Abigail Faulkner, who has been quietly working very hard throughout October.  She becomes the first Tiger to take home one of the new Tiger of the Month trophies to show off to friends and relatives.
Lacey Mae Ford has continued to shine as one of our most enthusiastic Tigers, always arriving with a big grin on her face and clearly enjoying every session.  She was pipped to Friday Tiger of the Month by Abigail, but picked up the Tiger of the Week medal this week for another great effort.  Well done Lacey Mae.
Remember I need a decision and money from those planning to come to the British Champs by next week please.  If you would like to compete in the English Champs in the New Year, it would be a good idea to come along and see what a major tournament is like before you enter one.  It will give you some idea of the standard that you are trying to achieve. 
Please check the notice board each week - I have lots of licenses awaiting collection and the Tigers sould each collect a slip to stick in their progress book each week from one of the plastick sleeves at the bottom of the board.  Thanks.
This event will be held in the hall on Sunday 9th December from 2 until 4pm.  There will be big bouncy castles, lost of games and cake!  We will hand out the trophies and medals to those Tigers who have won them this year and it will no doubt be a fun session.  I hope to see all of you there.
In The News 12 Oct 2012
It was good to see Daventry Tigers getting in the sports pages of the Daventry Express this week with the write up of the grading.  Well done again to all those who got their new belts.  This week's stars were Jessica Bigrave (again!) and Mabelle Gwilliam, who both put in outstanding performances.  
Mabelle is definitely going to be one to watch at the grading in the New Year and Jessica is rapidly getting to grips with the new skills she needs to upgrade her belt again next time.  It's good to see the girls doing so well.  Come on boys!  Let's see you trying extra hard to outdo the girls this week.
Fantastic Friday!

What can I say?  I was immensely proud of the Tigers this week.  The first thing Master Oliver asked me was 'So what can they do from the grading card?' and I was able to answer confidently 'They can do it all, sir.  You can ask them to do whatever you like.'  And you all performed brilliantly!  I was so proud of you all.  There were a few moments that caused me to smile - there were a lot of Tigers who forgot that the Koreans do use the number 8!  But none of the little mistakes mattered.  The overall impression that Daventry Tigers made was of a club that produces students of a very high standard.
Not one student scraped through. the grading.  You all passed comfortably, with the lowest mark being a solid 'B' grade pass.  Although nobody achieved an A*, (personally I thought at least two of you were very close) when I looked through the cards afterwards I was delighted to see that nearly half of the Tigers were awarded A grades, which is an astonishing achievement - well done to you all!  I think when you all see who got the A grades and who didn't quite get the top grade on the night, you will all agree that the examiner has a sharp eye.
A report will go back to the TAGB Committee about the grading and I think it's safe to say that Daventry Tigers will be the name on a lot of a lot of people's lips for a while.  Now they will not just be saying that we are one of the fastest growing clubs in the country, but that we're one of the very best clubs, too.
Wednesday 26th
A super last pre-grading session gave me lots of confidence in our ability to impress Master Oliver on Friday.  There were lots of good performances, but out of the corner of my eye I was also watching the group who were not due to grade this time and I was impressed once again by Inaci Atkinson's energy, enthusiasm and excellent techniques.  Well done, Inaci.  Keep that up and you'll do very well when it comes round to your grading time.
September 19th & 21st
In a very busy session on Wednesday it was a pleasure to be able to award Tiger of the week to a brand new Tiger - Tiborko.  I think this is the first time we've awarded Tiger of the week to a new student since we had our opening night and everyone was new!  Tiborko has the makings of being a star Tiger if he continues to work hard.  Welcome to the club and well done on making such a fantastic first impression.
I should say welcome to all our new starters over the past couple of weeks: Inaci, Tiborko, Paige, Daniel, Hayden and Mabelle.  I hope you will enjoy lots of fun with us over the coming months.
Friday was undoubtedly the busiest session of Tigers we've had since before the summer.  It was great to see so many Tigers in the hall and I hope it's a sign of the coming weeks that we've been forced to expand into the bigger hall.  Tiger of the Week for Friday belonged to Ava Kempsen, who was excellent in the lines and knew the answer to every theory question she was asked.  Brilliant work Ava.  I have high expectations for you at the grading next Friday.
On the subject of the grading, please make sure your uniforms are cleaned and ironed (including your belts).  Those who currently have the purple Tiger of the Month belts cannot wear them for the grading - everyone must wear white.  Do arrive a bit early to make sure we are all in place in plenty of time for the examiner.  The test will all be over with very quickly, so make sure you focus throughout and I'm sure you will all do well.  Good luck everyone (though you don't really need luck - I'm sure you will all do fine).
Mark and Sarah will be running a Tigers demonstration at Saturday's Fete on the Danetre playing fields at 11:30am (22nd September).  If any Tigers want to come along and support us, we'd love to see you there, but with the very short notice, we're not expecting any of you, so don't panic if you're not around!  We will be running some games and demonstrating some more advanced Tae Kwon-do.  There will be some prizes!
September 12th & 14th
Marcus Judge is certainly not one to follow the crowds!  As one of the older Tigers he decided he would be prepared to move up to Master White's class from the beginning and rather than wear a Tiger dobok, he bought a white TAGB couloured belt suit.  This made him stand out in more ways than one this week.  He was like a white bullet in the games.  I seemed to see him everywhere!  There's certainly no doubting Marcus's speed, effort and ability.  Another great effort Marcus.  Well done.
Another speedy winner, also looking very cool and laid back in this photo is Jonas, who stood out to me this week for being particularly fast during the games.  Jonas is a great role model for the younger Tigers, as he is always looking for opportunities to help others during the games and he is most diligent about learning the technical stuff as well.  Keep up the good work Jonas.
There's lots happening with Tigers at the moment.  The grading on Friday 28th September means there will not be a regular training session that night.  But before then Mark is out visiting schools and running assemblies promoting the Club to lots of new children.  This week he is visiting Long Buckby Infant School, Weedon Bec Primary and Newnham Primary, so brace yourselves for a new group of students!  There is also a Fete at the Danetre playing fields next Saturday where Mark and Sarah will be out promoting the club as well.  Please make the new students welcome.  You are now the senior students, so it is up to you to show the newcomers what it means to be a Tiger!
This week we welcome Inaci Atkinson, who will be awarded his white belt on Friday.
September 5th & 7th
For the first time since we started Tigers back in April, we decided not to award a Tiger of the Week on Wednesday.  This was not because there were no good performances, but there were no outstanding ones.  It would have defeated the object of the award if we were to award it for anything less.
On Friday however, there was another new winner of the award.  Tess Whittaker might not be the fastest Tiger and she might not be the most able technically, but my goodness she gave the session everything she had on Friday!  We can ask no more than that!  Well done Tess!  Keep that attitude and you'll improve rapidly.
As promised, the outline of the grading has been added to the lessons page.
The purple belt of power is passed to our new Tiger of the Month, Angelo - a most deserving winner and the unanimous choice by the instructors for August. 
Brilliant Angelo - keep it up.
Friday's Tiger of the Week could easily have won it on Wednesday as well.  
Lewis Edwards returned to Tigers after a summer break and proved that not only had he remembered everything during his time away, but he was particularly helpful and enthusiastic throughout. 
With behaviour like that, he is fast becoming a role model for the younger students.
Our Tiger of the Month for Friday was a tough choice with two main contenders: Abigail Faulkner and Kes Bryce. 
In the end, we decided that Kes had the edge and he takes the purple belt for Friday - great work, Kes.  I'm looking forwards to seeing you do well at the grading too.
August 22nd & 24th 
Another fun week at Tigers with some great performances all round.  In particular this week we salute Wednesday Tiger of the Week, Ella Faulkner, who tried really hard even at things she didn't want to do - that's the spirit, Ella!  Well done!  There were lots of others trying hard, too, but I was particularly impressed by your attitude this week. 
On Friday it was Ava Kempsen who impressed us most with another great effort.  I love the fact that Ava always has a smile on her face, but also that she consistently tries hard every week to impress.  She has improved really quickly as a result and will be one to watch at the grading next month.  I fell sure she is going to be one student who will do very well indeed.  There were lots of other names mentioned at both sessions but Ava was a unanimous choice for Friday's Tiger of the Week - great work, Ava!

August 15th & 17th 
Friday's Tiger of the Week was Erin King, who tried particularly hard again this week and really got to grips with the Sajo Jirugi exercise - keep practising at home now Erin and you'll be up there with the best Tigers in no time!  Fantastic work.  All of the instructors have been very pleased with how you've been progressing over the past couple of weeks.  Ava Kempson, Tess, Kes and several others all did really well again tonight.  We hope you all enjoyed your first look at shadow sparring!
The holidays are playing havoc with my ability to update the news page - apologies.  Wednes
day night was great fun, and with so many away on holiday, it felt almost like a private lesson!  Tiger of the Week was Sam, who did some stirling work - well done. (Forgot to take a photo - sorry!) 
Some of the Friday Tigers began learning new skills as we started introducing 3 step sparring for the first time.  Meanwhile some of the Champion Tigers were working on Sajo Jirugi, where Lacey Mae Ford worked so hard that she earned herself Tiger of the Week - brilliant work, Lacey Mae!  Sorry I didn't have the right medal for you, but you were worthy of an A* for effort! 
August 1st & 3rd 
Sorry it's taken me so long to get round to updating the news this week.  The Olympics and Summer Holidays in general have provided lots of distractions.  
Both sessions last week were busy, with so many good performances by the Tigers that picking Tiger of the Week has been something of a nightmare!  Wednesday belonged to Bethan Smith, who was just brilliant... again!  Well done Bethan.  Keep up the hard work.  Codeword: BANANA