Rogues Gallery of Special Guests

Our first special guest to Daventry Tigers is very special indeed.  Earlier this year I was privileged to meet Grand Master CK Choi (9th Degree black belt) one of the founding fathers of Tae Kwon Do. When I told him about the imminent opening of Daventry Tigers he gave me this special message to pass on to you:
"Welcome to the world of Tae Kwon Do.  Remember: train mind and body.  Powerful techniques come from a strong mind, body and spirit."
Bernie Keith
Bernie's show is on air from 9am until midday.
Nice ready stance, Bernie!
When he interviewed me about Tigers on his programme last month he gave me this message for you:
My job involves talking to thousands of people every day, and when I was your age I had no confidence whatsoever - I wish I'd been introduced to Tae Kwon Do then!
What you're about to learn will be invaluable to you - you'll have such fun now and it will stand you in good stead for later life. Enjoy yourselves!
David Melling
David's series of goblin books are hilarious and he is one of my favourite picture book author/illustrators.  He sent us this Tae Kwon Do Goblin to show us how to do a front kick - not bad technique, but don't drop your guard and remember to pull the toes back on the kicking foot!
This week's special guest is children's author/illustrator, David Melling.  He sends this message:
Practise makes perfect!  It won't come as a surprise to know the more you do something, the better you will get.  You can't expect to pick up a tennis racket, a guitar or a paintbrush and expect to be able to play tennis, play a tune, or paint a picture perfectly the first time you try.  But if you keep working at it, whatever it is - yes, even Tae Kwon-Do - then you'll be surprised at just how quickly you improve.
So go for it.  Have fun and good luck!
Accelerate into moves with lots of energy, and
Concentrate on each move, making it the the best you can.
Master Don Atkins is one of two examiners you are likely to have testing you at your gradings.  He sends this message:
Welcome to the world of Tae Kwon Do.  No matter if you are in a regular training session, or being tested at a grading, always try to remember the R.A.C. of Tae Kwon Do:
Mr Edge
 Mr Edge is a teacher at Badby School.
  This special guest will be familiar to some of the Tigers.  Some of our guests have a strong connection with Tae Kwon-do, others don't, but they all have positive messages for you.  Here's what Mr Edge wanted you to hear.
I did judo as a youngster and I think the morals and values you will learn through a martial art will be invaluable life lessons.
Also as little Tigers, I think you should all be supporters of Leicester Tigers!
Henry Winkler
Henry is best known for his role as The Fonz in the popular TV series Happy Days.  He is also a film producer/director and the author of some fantastic children's books.
  Henry's message to the DaventryTigers is simple:
You are powerful!
However, to quote the film Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility.  The techniques we learn should never be used for the wrong reasons - even in class.
I've been reading Henry's book Ghost Buddy.  Almost the first words from the mouth of the ghost of Hoover Porterhouse III are 'Violence isn't the answer', a sentiment shared by his character, Fonzie.  Using force should be a last resort, even in a difficult situation.  If you are being bullied - tell an adult.  Fighting will only land you in trouble!
Cassie Oury
Cassie Oury has earned herself the nickname 'The Queen of Tigers'!  She demands the highest standards from her students.
  2nd Degree black belt, Cassie Oury has been nicknamed 'The Queen of Tigers' for running one of the most successful Tigers Clubs in the UK.
In 2002, Miami Beach Florida, she won a gold medal for Musical Forms - yes, girls - Tae Kwon Do can be performed to music - making her the World Champion in this discipline.  She also recently won the TAGB British Ladies Black Belt Patterns title.
Cassie sent this message:
Congratulations on starting Tae Kwon Do.  It sounds lke Daventry Tigers is a success already! Keep on training hard, Tigers! :)
Nicola Line
Nicola Line is one of the most formidable fighters the TAGB has ever seen, winning every major title.
 If you were to meet quietly-spoken Nicky Line on the street, you could easily be forgiven for failing to recognise her as one of the best lady fighters Britain has seen in recent years.
She is the reigning TAGB British, European and World sparring champion and the TAGB International Fighter of the Year 2012.
Nicky sends Daventry Tigers this message:
Hi Tigers!  I hope you continue to enjoy Tae kwon do for as long as I have. Always do your best and anything is possible!