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Next Coloured Belt Grading

On a date to be fixed in April 2024


Daventry Leisure Centre

Lodge Road


NN11 4FP


If you are not sure if you are ready to grade please speak to Mr or Mrs Robson.

Not yet open for entry

See our new 'Help with Theory' page, which gives general information in addition to the grading information given on the Login for Students page.



You must wear either a White Dobok or a Tigers Yellow & Black dobok for gradings.  You cannot wear T shirts or club uniform, and you cannot wear the purple Tiger of the Month belt either. 


If you need an extra layer, please wear a plain white T shirt underneath your dobok.

As with all classes, please do not wear any jewellery, or tape up earrings if you are unable to remove them.  No Fit Bits or similar.

Please ensure your dobok is freshly washed (including the belt) and ironed for the grading.  Remove any tags from your belt.  Take care when stepping out of any cars to ensure you don't get them dirty on the side of the car, especially if you are wearing a white dobok.


Picture - Grading Banbury Feb 2024

Grading Fee

Coloured belt gradings cost £28 and Star gradings cost £25.  

Please make payment by BACs transfer.  We do not accept payment by cash or cheque.  Pay into the same bank account that you pay your monthly standing order payment to.


Late Payment/Entry Admin Fee

Gradings take a lot of time to prepare, and that preparation is hampered by those who apply to grade late.  We have therefore, with regret, decided to charge an additional admin fee of £5 to those who do not apply and pay in time, making the total payable:

  • £33 for late Coloured belts, 
  • £30 for late Star gradings.
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