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There is also a white TAGB suit, although being white this is less popular with the children!  This can be worn at all competitions and gradings.

Tiger Uniform

Both Tigers and Tiger Cubs wear the black and yellow Tiger suits.  These are practical for children and tend to wash well.  Students can wear these doboks for class and for gradings and competitions.


Tiger T shirt
White dobok

Many students prefer to wear the Tiger T shirt top in class.  Please note you cannot wear T shirts for gradings or competitions.


Cadets and adults can also wear the purple or green uniforms, or continue to wear their existing white or Tiger suits.

Club Doboks

Special Limited Edition 12th Birthday doboks are now available.  These are like the existing club trousers, but the trim is shiny and the print is a bit larger, with the club logo on the side too.  They cost £32 per dobok - only available as full doboks, no mix and match sizing.  Only for Cadets and older.

This is a one off order, once they are gone they are gone. 

Daventry TKD Club Dobok top

Daventry dobok - female

Club trousers

The V in the ladies dobok top does not come down as far as that in the male dobok, for modesty.

Daventry TKD Club Dobok Top (Men)

Daventry dobok - male

Club Trousers

Club Uniform

Cadets, i.e. those aged 10 and over, and adults have the option of having the bespoke green or purple uniforms.  However, please note you are not allowed to wear club uniform at gradings nor most competitions.


Club T shirts are made to order, and we have to have several orders before we can get any made, so there may well be a wait for these should you want some.

Club T-shirts

Club T-shirts are green for men, purple for ladies.  They are made of special sports type stretchy material which 'breathes'.  Each club has its own name on the front and back.  Matching hoodies and zoodies are also available.

Daventry Club T-shirt

Daventry Club T-shirt - rear

Daventry TKD Men's uniform T shirt (rear)
Daventry TKD Men's uniform T shirt
Woodford Halse TKD Men's uniform T shirt

Woodford Halse Club T-shirt

Banbury Club T-shirt

Banbury TKD Men's uniform T shirt

Female students have the same logo design and layout, but they are purple.  They are also more fitted than the male T shirts. 

Sparring Gear

We start sparring at Green Tag level.  Students can borrow equipment if we have some in their size, until they are sure they want to purchase a set for themselves.  Students will need sparring gear from blue belt for gradings. 


You are welcome to purchase gear second hand, make sure it is TAGB and that it does not have any rips, tears or repairs on, or you won't be able to use it in competition or at gradings.

It's important to put your gear on in the right order.  Here Mr Robson walks you through the best order to use.

The foot guards are perhap the most tricky to put on. Here Mr Robson shows you how to put these on correctly.

Daventry Ladies Uniform

Daventry Ladies T shirt

Daventry Ladies T-shirt - front

Daventry Ladies T shirt (rear)

Daventry Ladies T-shirt - back

The Daventry Ladies have their own  club T-shirts and hoodies, which they wear with the purple trousers.  They can choose to wear a Tiger dobok, the White Dobok or the Main Club doboks if they prefer.

Daventry Ladies Club Zoodie front

Daventry Ladies Zoodie - front

Daventry Ladies Club Zoodie rear

Daventry Ladies Zoody - back

The zip up hoodies, or 'zoodies' are popular in the cooler months. 


We can also get these made as hoodies, with one central pocket at the front - very useful for carrying mobile phones!

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