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Welcome to Daventry Tigers TKD!

Mixed adult and children class of Taekwondo

We provide a high ratio of instructors to students at Daventry Tigers TKD because we have a large number of excellent quialified Adult Assistant Instructors, Adult Classroom Assistants, Junior Instructors and Junior Classroom Assistants.  They have all undergone a vigorous selection process and specific training. 

Having so many instructors and classroom assistants allows us to break up the classes into smaller groups by belt level, ability or even age, so you can be sure each student gets the best attention. 

Students are very well prepared for grading exams, and go into each one knowing well what is required.  We have never had a coloured belt student fail a grading exam.

High Ratio of Instructors

What does Emma like about Daventry Tigers TKD?

We caught one of our black belts, Emma, off guard when we asked her what it was she liked about Daventry Tigers TKD.  This is her shooting from the hip:

"Oh I've been here for ages,and I just love it because you get so much encouragement,it's so much fun.  There's a great family atmosphere,

and it's just, it's just brilliant for all ages, all abilities, and all people.

So just come along and join us!"

TAGB Tiger Cub doing a flying kick
Tiger Cubs kicking pads in Taekwondo Class

Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cubs is a starter class for the very young, aimed at children aged 4-5 years old.  We keep the class very small so its suitable for the very young ones and for those who are perhaps a little more timid, before they are ready to move into the main Tigers class.  There's a lot of games in Tiger Cubs, as children of this age have short attention spans they need to mix things up more.  We now have junior Classroom Assistants and Junior Instructors in the Cubs class, which makes the ratio of teachers to children very high, so your child will get very individual attention.

Tiger Cubs Taekwondo Class

Main Tigers

Children can start at Tigers from around 4-5 years old, every child is different and we don't pre-judge.  They usually stay in Tigers until they are green tags, which is 3 belts up out of the 10 from white to black belt. 


Classes are 50-55 minutes long, and we break for a game in the middle. 


The Tigers learn more Taekwondo than in Cubs, but always in a fun and engaging way.

Intermediate Class

Once a Tiger has passed 3 belts, they move into the Intermediate Class. 

They also train with Adults, so it's an ideal class for Families to attend and train together.  Classes are now an hour long, but we still break for a game in the middle.  Sometimes we even let the adults join in the games!


There's a bit of a step up as they move on to train with higher belt level students.  We also introduce sparring - more as a game of "tig" so its all very gentle.   


Adult & Family Class

Daventry Tigers Intermediate Taekwondo class


Students are taught in separate groups according to their belt colour and ability.  This allows very specific training to be provided, and students advance quickly.

Adult & Family Classes are held at:

  • 7pm Wednesdays
  • 6pm Fridays
Black Belts kicking in a line

Advanced Class

The Advanced class is for those approaching black belt and above, which normally takes a few years for children, less for adults.  By this stage, students need to be training at least twice per week.  There's a lot to learn and you need to improve as you work towards that coveted Black Belt.  

Now students are training in with the Black Belts, and standards are high.  Lessons are an hour long, and there's no games.  However, we do still try to make it fun for everyone. 


One Advanced lesson each week is taught by 8th Degree World Master Jackson White, to ensure even the higher Dan grades - including Mr & Mrs Robson - get taught and keep their standards up.

Adults Taekwondo class

Mixed Adult classes

Tigers is well known for its children and teenager classes, but what about adults?  Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect as an adult.

Daventry Leisure Centre

We meet in Daventry Leisure Centre

Daventry Leisure Centre

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