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Black Belt Pre-Grading sessions

All Black Belts need to attend at least one area training session every 6 months.  These are currently held in Redditch.

We will put the dates on here and the calendar as soon as we receive them.  It is your responsibility as a black belt to ensure you check for this and make yourself available for at least one session.  If you are not able to attend any then you can ask to be allowed to attend one in another area.


There are 3 sessions each time, one of which is only for those taking their Black belt or Dan grading that time.  They are held every 6 months in the run up to the Black Belt Grading weekends.  The Black Belt gradings are held every April and October.

Tudor Grange Academy

Woodrow Drive


B98 7UH

Tudor Grange Academy Redditch
  • Those grading must attend all three sessions for that season. 

  • All Black Belts to attend at least one session every 6 months.

  • Black Tags to attend at least one session. 

  • Red belts are encouraged to attend one session, but it is not mandatory.

£10 cash on the door unless grading this time, in which case the fee is included within your grading fee.

All students to wear a white TAGB dobok.  No Tiger doboks nor Club uniform.  No T shirts showing.  No Fitbits or similar.

Black Belt Grading Information

A row of black belts in order of Dans

Black Belt - Star Gradings

Black belt

NB the line work is drawn from the line work for your next Dan grade

Board breaking in Taekwondo



Only for those aged 18 and above going for Dan grades

Juniors use the Kick Shields/Power Board


Ladies use White Board throughout


Men use Black Board throughout


Ladies are allowed to use elbows

Height to the middle of the board is 4ft, although ladies can do standing kicks at 3ft or 4ft

Juniors to hit a pad instead, same techniques as the adults - and the pad can be set at any height you request

BB Grading Power Tests 2017

Junior Dan Calculator

All time served under the age of 16 is halved, so that for every 12 months you train, it counts as 6 months towards your next Dan.  This is to compensate for you not having to do the officials training courses nor attend two competitions a year.  This starts to get complicated when you hit your 16th birthday during your waiting period for your next Dan grade, so you can use this handy calculator to work out exactly when you would qualify to enter your next Dan grading exam.

Black Tags - 1st Kup

Black Tag belt in Taekwondo

1st Dan

1st Dan belt

Grading Sheet



Any Hand (including elbow)

Any Rear leg Standing kick

2nd Dan

2nd Dan Black Belt

Grading Sheet



Any hand (not including elbow for men)

Any Rear leg Standing kick

Any Jumping kick

3rd Dan

3rd Dan Black Belt

Grading Sheet



Any hand (not including elbow for men)

Any Opposite hand (ie the other hand from the first)

Any Rear leg Standing kick

Any Opposite kick (jumping optional)

4th Dan

4th Dan Black Belt

Grading Sheet


Any two different hand techniques

(not including elbow for men)

Any two different kicks

Any jumping kick

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