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All the latest big news from Daventry & Woodford Halse TKD

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Coloured Belt Grading & Black Belt Star Grading May 24

Woodford Halse TKD Grading Award winner May 24

Another solid grading with a good smattering of As and A stars.  Well done everyone, especially Phoebe who won GM Oliver's Best in Grading award.

Mr Robson may be the first to admit to the odd mistake himself, so that does show he is human.  We were both very proud of all of you.  There are a selection of photos from each club on the respective club Facebook pages.

With thanks to our officials too, without whom it would not be possible to run these gradings. 


Our new black belts were very excited to be on board!

Officials May 2024.png

Black Belt Grading April 24

Daventry Tigers New Black Belts and Dans Apr 24.JPG

Congratulations to our new Black Belts and Dan grades!

Mabelle Gwilliam - promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt

Taylor Ridley - promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt

Kaden Roche - 1st Dan

Harriet Beeson - 1st Dan

Maisey Smith - 1st Dan

Caoimhe Adams - 1st Dan

Charlotte Dunkley - 1st Dan

Daventry Tigers Jenny 3 Dan.jpg

Jenny Wilson promoted to

3rd Degree Black Belt

Road to Black Belt videos

English Championships
March 2024

English champs poster 2024

A rather streamlined team from Daventry, Woodford and Banbury headed for the English Championships in Worcester where just over 1000 competitors battled it out for medals. 


Once again, those who went from our clubs demonstrated a very high standard, bringing back a good number of medals.

Particular congrats go to

  • Phoebe from Woodford, who brought home triple Gold: Individual patterns, individual sparring and team patterns (with Reuben and Fraser),

  • Morgan Jones, who took Gold in individual sparring and Gold in team sparring,

  • Archie Brown, who took Gold in men’s foot destruction and to

  • Ashley Kelly, who finally gained her first individual medal in patterns at national level, taking Bronze in the ladies’ 2nd/3rd dan black belt individual patterns and

  • Gina Burgess who took Silver in the ladies’ 1st dan black belt patterns.

Daventry Tigers Poster Girl Holly

Tod Wurr visit
March 2024

Tod Wurr with Ultimate Striker

It was great to have another hugely experienced visiting instructor this month in World Master Todd Wurr, from Norfolk.  His sessions on generating power in taekwondo were both entertaining and enlightening. 

Daventry Tigers Reuben

It was unfortunate that his ‘ultimate striker’ pad was not functioning due to server issues, but everyone learned something new (even Mr Kent!) which is the benefit of getting special visitors in. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Midlands Championships
Feb 2024

Midlands 2024 poster

Students from all over England came to Kettering for what proved to be the biggest ever TAGB Open Midlands Championships with over 800 competitors.  Thirty eight students from Daventry, Woodford Halse and Banbury Clubs entered, and demonstrated once again their technical excellence with a string of amazing results from virtually every division they entered.

Individual performance patterns started the day with fields ranging from 30 to 50 martial artists in each division - the results spoke volumes with our students making the final medal play offs in every division entered.  Even though not all of them won medals, all were fantastic performances in strong fields:

  • Boys Yellow Belts – Gold (Fraser Talbot) & 4th (Reuben)

  • Girls Yellow Belts – Gold (Phoebe)

  • Boys Green Belts – 4th place (Morgan Jones)

  • Girls Green Belts – Silver (Holly Jones) & 4th place (Rosa Ardito)

  • Boys Blue Belts – Silver (Max Hlavac)

  • Girls Blue Belts – 4th place (Heather Howard)

  • Boys Red Belts – Silver (Kaden Roche)

  • Girls Red Belts – Gold (Charlotte Dunkley) Silver (Isabella Sills) Bronze (Caoimhe Adams)

  • Boys Black Belts – Bronze (James Lewington)

  • Girls Black Belts – Gold (Bronwyn Harrison)

  • Cadet Black Belt Girls – tied 4th  (Holly Howard & Lauren Hughes)

  • Ladies Black Belts 1st Dan – Gold (Gina Burgess)

  • Ladies 2nd/3rd Dan - 4th (Ashley Kelly)

  • Men’s Black Belts 1st Dan – 5th (Tom Lewington)

  • Mens Black Belts 2nd/3rd Dans – Silver (Archie Brown)

  • Individual Sparring saw some good results as well, despite this not being the focus of the local clubs:

  • Boys Yellow Middleweight – Silver (Fraser Talbot)

  • Girls Yellow Middleweight – Bronze (Phoebe)

  • Boys Green Peewee – Bronze (Zac Jones)

  • Girls Green Lightweight – Bronze (Rosa Ardito)

  • Ladies Blue Heavyweight – Gold (Sarah Pinfold)

  • Mens Red Heavyweight – Bronze (Chris Sills)

Our local clubs are always strong at Team Synchronised Patterns and this tournament was no different.  In the junior divisions, Phoebe, Reuben and Fraser Talbot took Gold in the Yellow Belt division.  Rosa Ardito, Brooke Shafto and Evie Ann Boyland took Silver in the Green/Blue division.  Caoimhe Adams, Oisin Adams and Isabella Sills took Gold in the Red Belt division, beating fellow Daventry team Roman Hlavac, Kaden Roche and Charlotte Dunkley into Silver.  Lauren Hughes, Megan Sills and Bronwyn Harrison took Silver in the Black Belt Division.  In the adult divisions, Chris Sills formed a team on the day with two random men from other clubs in the Red Belt division, bringing back Silver.  Holly Howard, Ashley Kelly and Archie Brown took Silver in the Black Belts.

Tag team sparring saw yet more medals.  Reuben joined two boys from other clubs to win Gold in the Yellows.  Silvers were won by: Rosa Ardito, Chris Sills, Evie Ann Boyland, Holly Jones, Morgan Jones and Jonathan Williams.  Bronwyn Harrison, Lauren Hughes and Megan Sills added Bronzes.

Performances of the day were: Phoebe from Woodford who added Gold in Individual Patterns to her World Championships Gold, North Midlands Gold and British Champs Gold, making it 4 tournaments in a row in the top spot; Charlotte Dunkley’s Gold in Red Belt patterns having been to numerous tournaments in the past and having never made the medals before; Bronwyn Harrison’s gold in Black Belt Girls Patterns – probably the toughest of all divisions and Sarah Pinfold’s Gold in the Ladies Blue Heavyweight Sparring – giving her a first Regional title.

Daventry Tigers WM Shuter visit Jan 2024

WM Mark Shuter Visit
January 2024

All those who went to the sessions run by visiting instructor, Mark Shuter, were treated to an outstanding lesson in the practical applications of many of the moves from some of the coloured belt patterns. 


For the beginners, he showed practical self defence applications for even the most basic of moves, demonstrating how they can be used to break free from holds and giving space to escape or counter-attack. 


It was really useful to get such an insight into the patterns from a different perspective and given the wave of positive feedback from those who went, I think it fair to say that everyone enjoyed the sessions immensely.

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