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All the latest big news from Daventry & Woodford Halse TKD

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From 2022

World Championships 2023

Well done to everyone who entered the World Championships.  Here's just some of our competitors.  Our students took 59 medals overall, which is amazing from just 70 students.  Mr & Mrs Robson's instructor, Jackson White, also took gold for super exec sparring.  At age 69 that's quite incredible! 

Win lose or draw, you have all made us proud.  Congratulations to you all.


We got a full page spread in the Daventry Express!

Daventry Express 27.07.23.jfif

And there's more on line too!

There are now a number of videos up from the World Championships on our You Tube Channel,

DaventryTigers TKD

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British Championships 2022

A big haul of medals once more for Daventry & Woodford Halse TKD.  Win lose or draw, you made us proud of you all for getting out there and representing your clubs.  You looked like you all had a fun time.

Mini Ninjas in action - how to win GOLD

Woodford Halse TKD at the British

Nicola Turecek Visit November 2022

A big thank you to Nicola Turecek for coming up from Wales to teach our students at Daventry.  There were three great sessions for all belts.  Hope you are all able to walk now!

Black Belt Grading November 2022

Many congratulations to our new Black Belts and 2nd Dan who bravely undertook their black belt gradings this weekend at Hellidon Lakes.  All 17 students passed!

Two New Tiger Legends - Oct 2022

Many congratulations to our two newest Tiger Legends.  This trophy is awarded where a student passes all their coloured belt gradings at Grade A or A*.  Not many students achieve this, so we are rightly proud of these two.  What a fantastic acheivement!

How it started...

How it started...

Flashmob - Sheaf Street Daventry

Saturday 18th June 2022

Daventry Tigers hit Sheaf Street to the surprise of many passers-by

Tri-Club Competition

May 2022

We had so much fun at our competition.  We had all the usual competitions, as well as a mix of fun and whacky. 

Kindly subsidised by National Cleaning Machines.

See more details on our Tri-Club competition page.

Black Belt Grading April 2022

Many congratulations to our new Black Belts, 2nd Dans and 3rd Dans who bravely undertook their black belt gradings this weekend at Hellidon Lakes.  All 10 students passed!

1st Degree Black Belts (1 of 2)

Left to Right: Natan Swiderski, Mia Carlton and George Summerskill

1st Degree Black Belts (2 of 2)

Left to Right: James Lewington, Isla Boddington and Lottie Babb

2nd Degree Black Belts

Left to Right: William O'Toole and Sam Green

3rd Degree Black Belts

Nathan Chettle

3rd Degree Black Belt

John McElhatton

3rd Degree Black Belt

English Championships 2022

Congratulations to all 51 students who competed in the English Championships at Worcester on 6th March.  We attained 60 medals and trophies, which is an outstanding result.  Well done to everyone.  There were tales of some fantastic sportsmanship which thrills us even more than great medal results.

Tiger Legend

Nathan Walls, Woodford Halse TKD

New Tiger Legend

Feb 2022

Congratulations to Nathan Walls, our newest Tiger Legend.  He is from  our Woodford Halse club.  For his last grading, he even had to perform all on his own, so there was no hiding!  All his coloured belt gradings have been at A or A* level.  An incredible achievement, well done Nathan!

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