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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are classes?
    We offer 3 free classes as a trial period. Then its £22/month for Tigers (under 10), £25/month for Cadets (10-15 year olds) and £28/month for Adults (16+) for one lesson a week.
  • What age do you start students from?
    Everyone is different, and we are flexible, but we find that students need to be at least 4 years old. We have a special class for 4 and 5 year olds at 4pm on a Friday, which is a small, quiet class perfectly suited to the very little ones.
  • Where and when are your classes?
    We have classes in Daventry, Woodford Halse and Banbury. Woodford Halse classes are on Mondays at 5pm and 6pm at the Woodford Halse Social Club. Daventry classes are on Wednesdays and Fridays, at the Daventry Leisure Centre. Beginner children classes are at 5pm, Beginner Adult classes are at 7pm on Wednesdays, 6pm Fridays. We also have classes for 4 & 5 year olds at 4pm on Fridays.
  • I've got a bad knee/ankle/arm/back, can I still do Taekwondo?
    Generally yes, we start you off gently and we get you to listen to your body. Come and try 3 free trial sessions and see how you feel. We always tell you if you feel you cannot do anything that is asked of you, just let us know.
  • What's your Student to Teacher ratio?
    Unlike most Taekwondo clubs which only have one or perhaps two instructors per class, here we have a large number of assistant and junior instructors. We are usually able to break at least part of every class up so that every belt level is taught by a different instructor. All our junior instructors have to pass a highly competitive selection process, and they have all undergone a full assessed training program before qualifying as junior instructors.
  • I'm not fit, can I do Taekwondo?
    You don't have to be fit to start doing Taekwondo. We will train you at a pace to suit you and your body. We are quite gentle with you! Gradually build up your fitness as you progress through in staged classes.
  • What sibling/family discounts do you offer?
    Siblings and any member of the same family/household have a 50% discount, most expensive member pays full price.

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