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Welcome to Daventry Ladies TKD!

Daventry Tigers Ladies logo

Classes are held on Friday mornings


10.30am - 11.30am

C​lasses are held at:

Daventry Leisure Centre, Lodge Road, Daventry, NN11 4FP

Daventry Ladies Tigers train at Daventry Leisure Centre

Daventry Leisure Centre

Small Classes with no audience 

Don't fancy a huge class with youngsters who can kick above their heads?  We get you.

Large Taekwondo class youngsters all wearing white doboks

We keep the Ladies classes small, away from onlookers, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed when both training and taking grading exams. 

 And it's Ladies only.

Small Ladies Taekwondo class

We understand your lives are busy, and you might not always be able to attend your designated class.  Students are also able to attend any of the evening classes as they wish, on a mix-and-match basis, to suit as you juggle your busy lives.  There are 12 other evening and weekend classes to choose from across Banbury, Daventry and Woodford Halse.  Students can also cross-train in Towcester with World Master White.

Ladies hugging one another

Incredible Support

The support that the Ladies show one another is incredible to see.  They constantly build one another up, cheer each other on, and there for one another through both the highs and the lows.  Nervous students are encouraged and strengthened, and all wins are cheered on by the whole group.  This is not a cliquey group, and new members of all ages are made to feel welcome and part of the group.

What our students say about the Ladies classes

"It gives me time to be myself, not just a Mum."

Kirsty smiling with her new Taekwondo green belt certificate

Kirsty Beeson

Mum of 2 and kick-ass TKD student

"You can start at any age, go at your own pace, at your own time, you don't have to compete if you don't want to.  And if I can do it, anyone can do it!"

Our oldest student, Mary, Taekwondo student at 74

Mary Bennett

Started Taekwondo at age 74

Sarah's Story

Sarah Pinfold with a sparring trophy

"I've never had this sort of support before, and actually I didn't realise how many people really supported me until that competition, when I did win something and everyone came over it was so overwhelming. I actually achieved something I thought I'd never achieve!

It gives me confidence, builds up my self-esteem, and the support from the other Ladies gave me a huge boost and gave me the self-belief that I can do this!"

Sarah Pinfold

Seren looking amazed to have won a trophy

Shared Celebration

Seren Whyte sharing her joy - and amazement - as she walks back to the rest of the Ladies, after receiving her Silver Trophy for patterns in the British Championships 2021.  

Daventry Lades Taekwondo
Daventry Ladies Taekwondo all friends together
Daventry Ladies and their Daventry Tigers Children all with medals
Daventry Ladies group photo at a grading

Daventry Ladies Facebook Page

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