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Information for Students​

To renew your licence online, see this page.

For details about our uniform, together with an order form.

For details of Fees, our coloured belt Grading Syllabus and video content. 

Password protected - please see Mr or Mrs Robson for the password.

All the official requirements for each of the Dan grades.

Some of our info graphics and other information to help you learn your theory

Do you have the guts to try?

Here Denzel Washington addresses the 2011 Pennsylvania's 255th Commencmentwhere he makes a powerful point about failure.

Becoming great at Taekwondo isn't something you're automatically born with—it takes practice and effort. And guess what? Along the way, you might make mistakes or face setbacks.

But here's the secret: the people who succeed are the ones who don't give up.  They get back on their feet and try again. That's what makes them different and special. So remember, it's all about never giving up and giving it another shot that sets you apart in the end.

Junior Instructor & Classroom Assistant

Training 2023

Daventry Tigers Junior Instructors

Junior Instructors and Classroom Assistants

Who is this for?


These training sessions are primarily aimed at those who are currently training to be a junior instructor or classroom assistant.  However, we do invite all existing Junior Instructors to attend any of these as a refresher. 


Also all existing Classroom Assistants are strongly encouraged to attend, because we did not have this training program for them last year.



5th October

No Classroom Assistants

Junior Instructors 6pm - 7pm

Daventry Leisure Centre



23rd November

No Classroom Assistants

Junior Instructors 6pm - 7pm

Daventry Leisure Centre

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