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Age Groups

Tiger Cubs are for children aged 4-5

Tigers are for children aged 4-9

Cadets are those aged 10-15

Adults are for those aged 16+

Our oldest student is 76, so age is no bar!

All classes teach the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo, but there is more to Taekwondo than just kicking and punching.

Daventry Tigers was formed in April 2012 to provide fun Taekwondo lessons for children.  It has grown from strength to strength, and is one of the largest TAGB clubs in the country, boasting local, National and even World champions. 


We don't just look after the very able students though, we aim to make every student the best they can be.




5pm Children Beginners (White Belts to Yellow Belts)

6pm Advanced (Red Belts and Above)

7pm Intermediates (Green Tags to Red Tags) & Adult/Young People Beginners



4pm Tiger Cubs (for those aged 4-5, Term Time only) 

5pm Children Beginners (White Belts to Yellow Belts)

6pm Intermediates (Green Tags to Red Tags) & Adult/Young People Beginners

7pm Advanced (Red Belts and Above)


Daventry Ladies

Friday 10.30am

all year round


Both Wednesdays & Fridays

6pm White Belts to Green Belts

7pm Blue Tags and above


*We follow the Northamptonshire school holidays

Tiger Cubs​: 4-5 year olds

Term time only

Teaching Taekwondo to young children
Young children learning sparring in Taekwondo

Friday 4pm

A fun way to learn TKD for the younger ones

Just like the older children, Cubs always warm up and stretch before starting class. Our fantastic junior assistant instructors often lead this element of the class (under adult supervision at all times).

Tiger Cubs is about having fun and introducing younger children to all aspects of Tae Kwon-do. We don't put the sparring gear on very often, but the children always love it when we do!

Tigers (up to 10 years old)

Wednesday & Fridays 5pm

The emphasis shifts slightly towards the teaching blocks in Tigers.  We still play the games, but they are not quite such a big part of the class.  Discipline is stepped up a little. Techniques are sharpened as the children begin to have more command over their bodies.  Focus and posture are gradually improved and expectations are increased when it comes to practice and results in gradings.

Daventry Tigers has an enviable record of grading results - one of the best in the country.

Taekwondo sparring for tweens
Black Belt class of Taekwondo

Family Classes

Wednesday 7pm, Friday 6pm

Adults train with the Intermediates and Advanced Classes for students ranked green tag and above. Here we teach more advanced techniques with an emphasis on the higher level patterns, set sparring and more free sparring.  Adults and children train together.

Why Not?

With that in mind, there is no rush to get to black belt - we are not here simply to push people through gradings.  We want to help them to learn and to teach them what it takes to persevere at something.  We want to show them what it means to be courteous and respectful. 

We give an outlet for excess energy and hopefully turn out strong people of integrity, fostering an indomitable spirit and strength of character that will help them stand out and achieve their full potential for the rest of their lives.

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